If you hate on the Flyweights at this point, you're a crappy fan

I'm going to start this right off by breaking the 4th wall here and say the following, Maniacs, I am not just talking about you. Part of the attraction to Mania is that you're free to speak your mind here without having to worry about getting kicked out of the community. This also lets people joke, troll and say things for a chuckle that isn't 100% serious. I'm not addressing people having a good time and making fun of people for the heck of it - keep on keeping on, that's one of the main reasons this place gets a quarter of a million page views every day and I'm not bagging on it at all.

This is to supposed hardcore fight fans all over the internet and elsewhere who are actually hating on the division with stupid labels like "kid fighting", "midgets", "mini fight" and the like.

I'll paraphrase from the always eloquent Dana White here:

Get the fuck out.

And while I'm at it,


You're a terrible fan. Go back to wearing your TapouT shirts with pride and joy while you trane UFC. You are the drunk guy with Just Bleed painted on their bare chest. You are the useless limpdick crying for refs to stand people up the moment it hits the ground so they can stand and bang and you are the dummy throwing playground level shadowboxing when the camera pans by you on the way to the hot chick in the crowd.

Normally I don't rip on peoples' opinions, but your bias is dumb and here's a bunch of reasons why.

This division sometimes gets compared to women's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and I kind of understand some of the hate that WMMA gets even if I don't agree with it either. "It's the weaker sex, and they're just nowhere near as good as the men." I can vaguely get that line; I don't watch the WNBA, in part because the athleticism just isn't there. The main reason people bring this up is to try and say that there isn't enough talent in the flyweights, just like there isn't in WMMA at the moment.

Bull. There's a couple billion people in places like China, Thailand and Mexico where the men weigh a lot less and 125 is perfectly normal. There's been a flyweight division for decades, but your "hardcore self" never paid any attention to it because it wasn't mainstream UFC. Organizations like SHOOTO, Tachi Palace and Pancrase have carried this banner for years, and the fact that they still exist and have fighters under contract means that the UFC's version of this division won't finish shaking out for some time to come.

Seriously, look at some of the dumb ish people had to say about the UFC on Fox 6 main event from Chicago, Illinois on Jan 26th, 2013


I did not even watch the "main event," come on, 5 rounds of little behtches sticking and running?

Cage Potato

Sorry, a point fighting flyweight champion disgusts me.


I never thought I'd use the word "feminine" to describe a UFC fighter

MMA Fighting

Am I the only one who has trouble watching these little guys fight?

Bloody Elbow

Boring main fight.

Bloody Elbow

I want to be a good hardcore fan and be super excited, but when the opportunity for finish is non-existent, I find it harder to care. Am I the only one?

Note that I'm purposely not using anyone from here in these examples because I'm not trying to put anyone on blast. These are the supposed serious hardcore fans who pay so much attention to the sport that they go on websites to seek out more and talk about it. What a load. My five responses to those five comments:

-Your loss, moron. You missed a champ nearly get finished in the second come back to nearly finish the challenger in the fifth.
-Deal with it. He turned John Dodson's face into pate with knees in the championship rounds. Credit to John for having heart and chin and not going down.
-That "feminine" guy would obliterate 99.99% of the population in a fight. Yourself included.
-Stupid boxing fans used to say that about 145. It took years of people like Mayweather, Hatton, Pacquiao and others to change their dumb opinion, too.
-Here's a few thousand words for you...


There have been under fifteen flyweight fights in the UFC. Almost a third of them have had finishes.

Hell, while I'm at it, here's what that fight had that even normally appeals to the meatheads out there that want people to just stand and wang like a bunch of Chris Leben clones:

Technical striking from both men - Dodson was countering extremely well, especially in the first few rounds. Demetrious Johnson's clinch game nearly ended the fight.

Very little ground game - DJ landed a number of takedowns, but JD usually stood up quickly enough to keep the fight moving and back on the feet. No Guida snuggle-fest happening here.

Constant action - According to the folks at Fight Metric, DJ landed 181 strikes that fight. That's more than Jon Jonesand Rashad Evans landed combined in their title fight.

Violence - Johnson got knocked down multiple times. Dodson's face was busted up but good. HEY JUST BLEED CROWD, THEY BLED. STOP COMPLAINING.

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