Mania Money Pool Season 9 Event 2 Results: UFC on FOX (Mighty Mouse vs The Magician)



That was a hell of a card. Controversial knees to a "downed opponent just getting a warning, the final fight of an "MMA icon", the return of Showtime and the making of a contender in the 145 pound division. The under cards delivered as well with two (2) underdogs winning and good submissions and KOs.

Six (6) fights ended up with finishes and five (five) were decisions (but not dull ones).

In our own money pool, we saw the resurrection of DetroitDrew and swiftman as they regained their composure and scored big time. My opponent in Tap's bracket jacare was only able to pick four fights so I'll see you ricky dooby in the 2nd round. Agar, isosceles_kramer and bitemyjacket did not have their picks on time and RGIII was only able to salvage 5 picks.

Two events, two lurkers topping. What's going to happen next? Stay tuned next week as more drama unfolds in the most action-packed, best-participated season so far of the Mania Money Pool.


UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson via unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Glover Teixeira def. Quinton Jackson via unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Anthony Pettis def. Donald Cerrone via TKO at 2:31 of round one

145 lbs.: Ricardo Lamas def. Erik Koch via TKO (elbows) at 2:32 of round two

155 lbs.: T.J. Grant def. Matt Wiman via TKO (elbows) at 4:51 of round one

145 lbs.: Clay Guida def. Hatsu Hioki via split decision

170 lbs.: Pascal Krauss def. Mike Stumpf via unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Ryan Bader def. Vladimir Matyushenko via submission (guillotine) at 0:50 of round one

265 lbs.: Shawn Jordan def. Mike Russow via TKO (punches) at 3:48 of round two

185 lbs.: Rafael Natal def. Sean Spencer via submission (arm triangle) at 2:13 of round three

170 lbs.: David Mitchell def. Simeon Thoresen via unanimous decision


  • VicDundee, sepenoob, Deuce02, Sabudhabi Sandwich, kevjack115, dildon, dmerit, biggant, Bongking and Scottidog formed the Magician's crew and believed that ANS, Kinglujan Dodson will take the belt by being able to set the proverbial trap for the mighty mouse. The magic fizzled in the 4th and 5th round as Dodson seemed not able to defend the clinch and fell victim to the knees of DJ.
  • 44 people (64%) of the camp picked Showtime to win and majority picked a unanimous decision to go along with it. I guess no one expected the Cowboy to fell of the bull machine that fast. No one has ever demolished Cowboy that fast and Pettis should be next in line for the belt after Bendo squeaks by Melendez.
  • afrotikiman, VicDundee, thepride, 209king, 209stk, pabloXL, goldmouth, danago, speceben, Ninja Oreo Dollop and Rampagelangford (isn't this obvious? duh!) formed the 16% that picked Rampage to knock down Glover's hype train. Sorry guys, the train doesn't stop in Chicago and will probably be stopped in other time, just not today as Glover showed how he is a force to be reckoned with in the 205 division. He loses to Bones still.
  • The Hot Bout was close as far as the picking in the camp is concerned. 38 people (57%) Grant vs 29 people (43%) Wiman. This was supposed to be FotN but Grant didn't seem to get the memo and he demolished the handsomeness of Wiman in the 1st round. No one thought it would be easy for Grant but he showed how he is an elite in the most stacked division. By the way, this is the 5th time I went against Grant and I am 0-5 now.
  • phinsallday, U_had_me_at_kimura, 209stk, danago, demerit, highallth3time and ViolentMike went crazy and thought that Guida will lose. It's almost always a common knowledge now that Guida wins a decision against opponents not in the top 5 of any division. Take note of that guys. VM losing his picking touch and I don't know why he picked Hatsu.
  • Only 19 people (28%) picked Lamas to win against Orange Julis (JH's words not mine) and boy did he bully the tanned Koch by capitalizing on a Koch slip and lacerating his face with those hellbows that would put Kenny Florian to shame.
  • 15 people (22%) punched their way to points in the camp by picking Shawn Jordan to beat the Chicago policeman. Russow failed once again and got his ass handed to him.
  • bigGcastle, danago and spaceben (there is a fourth one but I fucking can't find who that is and too lazy to look again at 70 people's picks) picked Stumpf to win against the Duke Roufus product Krauss. Danago showing his magnificent picking in this card.
  • WTF did phinsallday, thepride and kevjack115 (again there's a fourth one who picked Maty but I can't find the name) think when they picked the 89-year old utility custodian to beat Darth Bader. We all know that Bader sucks but he won't be beaten by a senior citizen.
  • bigGCastle, afrotikiman, 209king, Deuce02, wyldeman99, Rilly, Cruz Jackson, 209stk, Jido7 and Bongking hit the jackpot train when they picked Daudi to upset Grin. The UK native dominatd Thoresen and sent his ass back to Norway to learn about TDD and ground fighting.
  • bigGCastle, phinsallday, SUPERFKNMARIO, Deue02, SabuDhabiSandwich and BongKing were enamored by too much Hansel and Gretel and picked the Black Magic of Spencer to work against the savvy submission techniques of the tennis player Rafael Nadal Sapo.





  • Scored 76 points getting 9/11 correct picks and getting perfect scores for DJ, Tex, Jordan, and Krauss
  • The second newcomer to the camp to win $20 this season
  • Assured of an entry for season 10 of the money pool.
  • With this achievement is now the leader of the pack.

SECOND PLACE: Detroit Drew and Rolandando



  • Both scored 74 points, just two points below the money
  • The leader of the Darkside got 9/11 correct picks and got perfect scores for DJ, Tex, and Krauss.
  • Rolo correctly picked 9/11 correct picks and got perfect scores for DJ, Tex, and Krauss.




  • Detroit Drew's boyfriend and Darkside protege scored 72 points getting 9/11 correct picks and getting perfect scores for DJ, Krauss and Mitchell.
  • He seemed to be in game face this season as he has shown top notch picking for two events already.




  • scored 22 points going 4/10
  • will wear a signature of shame coming from snake_pliskan


Camp Rank Points Player
1 76 Snake_Pliskan
2 74 DetroitDrew
2 74 Rolandando
4 72 Jido7
5 70 biggerLebowski
6 69 kg12
7 68 letstalkmma
8 67 swiftman
9 65 Yan117
9 65 afrotikiman
9 65 wyldeman99
12 64 209king
13 63 goldmouth
13 63 jelly_belly
15 62 freenow82
16 61 Ulf_Murphy
17 60 sarah-
17 60 Dlocc
17 60 CruzJackson
20 59 Scottidog
20 59 Christophecleus
22 58 kimuralloverurface
22 58 Wisetoad
24 57 BNF
24 57 Rilly
24 57 SanabriaMan
24 57 Tap-or-snap-Bons
28 56 OilCheck
29 55 unambig
29 55 Joben
29 55 MMA_Boss
32 54 ricky-dooby
32 54 Aussie
32 54 spaceben
35 53 sklart
35 53 murph0706
35 53 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura
35 53 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop
39 52 ShivanTiger
39 52 ohmamadoes
41 51 donkeypunch81
41 51 BongKing
41 51 MixedMartialFarts
44 50 pabloXL
44 50 DanielWorby
46 49 Jonnyboy6969
46 49 scarnon
46 49 RedMan
50 48 Phasebook
51 46 bigGcastle
52 45 highallth3time
53 44 ViolentMike
53 44 Rampagelangford
55 43 Deuce02
56 42 SabuDhabiSandwich
57 40 dildon
58 38 209stk
59 35 NNR
60 34 VicDundee
60 34 sepenoob
62 32 jacare
63 31 kevjack115
63 31 phinsallday
65 30 thepride
66 29 biggant
67 28 danago
67 28 RGIII
69 22 dmerit
70 0 isoceles_kramer

  • Snake_Pliskan now leads the pack with 127 points; close second is letstalkmma with 123 points and not far behind at 3rd is Rolandando with 121 points
  • DetroitDrew is the highest gainer with 47 notches up; swiftman is second with 42 notches and Jido7 is third with 40 notches up
  • phinsallday was down 24 notches; jacare was down 23 notches
MMA Playground season 15: Karate Choppin Ninjas
2 / 10 events complete
Rank Points Player Movement
1 127 Snake_Pliskan Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium14
2 123 letstalkmma Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
3 121 Rolandando Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium21
4 117 afrotikiman Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
5 115 209king Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium10
6 114 biggerLebowski Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium24
7 113 Wisetoad Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium1
8 112 sarah- Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
8 112 Dlocc Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
8 112 ShivanTiger Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium6
9 111 bigGcastle Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium8
10 110 wyldeman99 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium17
11 109 kg12 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium24
12 107 ricky-dooby Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
13 106 unambig Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
14 105 Yan117 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium21
14 105 Joben Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
14 105 Jido7 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium40
15 104 kimuralloverurface Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium10
15 104 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
16 103 sklart Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
16 103 SUPERFKNMARIO Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium8
17 102 Tap-or-snap-Bons Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium10
18 101 SanabriaMan Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium12
19 100 DetroitDrew Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium47
19 100 Rilly Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium13
19 100 goldmouth Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium27
20 99 CruzJackson Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium19
21 98 Ulf_Murphy Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium25
21 98 jelly_belly Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium29
22 97 Phasebook Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
23 94 OilCheck Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium19
24 93 swiftman Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium42
24 93 murph0706 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium11
25 92 Aussie Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium17
25 92 ohmamadoes Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium10
26 90 freenow82 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium37
26 90 jacare Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium23
27 89 Deuce02 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
27 89 spaceben Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium23
28 88 pabloXL Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium14
28 88 RedMan Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium11
29 87 phinsallday Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium 24
30 86 Jonnyboy6969 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium16
30 86 VicDundee Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium20
30 86 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium24
30 86 sepenoob Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium 20
31 85 Christophecleus Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium35
31 85 SabuDhabiSandwich Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
32 84 donkeypunch81 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium22
33 83 BNF Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium33
34 82 MixedMartialFarts Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium23
35 81 thepride Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium20
35 81 Scottidog Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium36
35 81 DanielWorby Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium22
36 79 BongKing Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium27
37 78 RGIII Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium17
38 77 MMA_Boss Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium33
38 77 dildon Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium8
39 76 209stk Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
40 74 highallth3time Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium22
40 74 Rampagelangford Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium20
41 71 scarnon Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium30
42 70 ViolentMike Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium24
42 70 kevjack115 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
43 63 danago Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium7
44 59 biggant Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium16
45 56 dmerit Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium8
46 45 Agar Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium19
47 41 isoceles_kramer Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium13
48 35 NNR new entry
49 28 bitemyjacket Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium14

$20 EVENT WINNERS (assured of spot in Season 10):

  • Event 1: bigGCastle (65 points)
  • Event 2: Snake_Pliskan (74 points)


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