MMAMania Exclusive: Interview with TUF 17 contestant Jimmy Quinlan


As I promised, here is a very brief interview with Jimmy Quinlan. Jimmy is presently competing on this season of TUF.



Jimmy was 3-0 entering TUF. He is a 2009 purple belt No-Gi World Champion, 2009 No-Gi Pan Am champion, and 2011 Pan Am Brown Belt Champion.

He also has a debilitating addiction to Peanut M&M's.

Jimmy is a hilarious guy and super nice dude. He is beastly on the mats, as you might expect.

It's a short interview this week, but as people get to see more of him on TUF, I am sure you Maniacs will submit more questions.


AT: What were your first impressions of Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen?

JQ: Jon Jones seemed really cool. I warmed up in his locker room with his team of coaches. I was really excited to work with his assistant Bubba Jenkins who was a favorite of mine wrestling in college. Jon kept telling us this fight was about us and he would do anything we needed for the warmups. I came into the show thinking I wanted Chaels team really bad, but Jon started to make me think either team would have been ok after the warmups and fights to get in the house.

Chael I didn't really interact with at all during the fights to get in the house. He came up to me after the fight and congratulated me. He seemed nice but really didn't get any exposure to him at this time.

AT: What were your thoughts and emotional state leading up to your fight to get into the house?

JQ: My emotional state was very neutral. I knew it was the most important fight I could ever have, but I was able to enjoy it. I looked at it as the opportunity of a lifetime that many people wish they had and very few actually do. I was just living in the moment and appreciating all that I was able to do.

AT: Reviewing your performance, was there anything you feel you could've done better in your fight?

JQ: After my fight I told the cameras I wish I had had a better slam but seeing it it looked ok. The fight was almost as quick as you saw on tv not much was cut out... there was not much room for any changes in the fight.


That's it for this week, Maniacs! Please watch this season of TUF on Tuesday nights, 8 PM EDT, FX network, and root for my friend and teammate, Jimmy Quinlan!

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