Thou Shalt Not……Clone?

I'm off early; sick today…..and I ran across an article on the front page of CNN regarding cloning that caught my attention.

It can be done, it has been done, but whether it's allowed to come to fruition in the form of human cloning has yet to be seen. Back in '02 Bushed pushed an all out ban on Human Cloning in the U.S.; "The end does not justify the means."

I for one am intrigued by the whole idea of cloning. While the DNA of a cloned specimen is not identical to its parent clone, it's close enough as to have the differences be nearly untraceable. Think DNA matches on a person linked to a crime being incorrect type of small; 20 billion to 1.

When I think about cloning I think of the half-full side. The bringing back old Sparky type of idealism. Cloning Jurassic park era dinosaurs (what would the testament do then?) through in-vitro fertilization of DNA from a Wooly Mammoth cloned embryo in today's modern elephant.

Your loved one dies, you go to a cloning-specialist-gazillionaire -extraordinaire with DNA and an adventurous female suitor and in 9 months a new, but old brother/sister/mother/father/etc. is back. Same hair, same eyes, same genes. But the experiences are gone, the memories are gone, intelligence & personality will differ, as in Nature vs Nurtures 50/50 gene/environment split. Almost as if a shell.

There are so many questions that, for the foreseeable future will go unanswered.

Imagine the amount of records and work it would take to re-birth someone who already existed? New Socials and identities for the same person with the same features, DNA, and fingerprints. Cloning would breed the New World Order of Super Criminals.

While the red tape around cloning humans appears much to large to ever tackle in any foreseeable future within our liftetime, sans a recluse doctor with a knack for experimenting the taboo, I still would love to see a cloned something brought forward seriously.

At a foot tall & 5 lbs, move over Savannah Cats, the Ceratopsian is back as the new designer pet


List of Cloned Animals thus far

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