Differences between MMAMania and Bloody Elbow?

So I was lurking there at BE, trying to waste time and I came upon this fan post from a guy named VarangianMiklagard (probably Russian for limp dick). Anyway, he was saying that he recently joined SB Nation and that he is puzzled by people here at Mania saying they have been banned from Bloody Elbow. He is asking if we can help him figure out what's the difference. Is the moderation stricter at BE or it's just loose here at Mania.

I am not trying to add fuel to the fire or rub salt to the wound but since they have one fanpost about it there, then we can have some fun in the same thread as well. I read both threads (well, I actually only read Dallas Winston's dissections of fights) but I feel at home when I am at Mania so that's my bias right there.

These are the things I surmised from the comments section. For those too lazy to read all their comments, then I picked some general points for you guys and gals.

  • Once someone gets banned for doing something obviously stupid, you click on their profile to see their most recent comments, and always, their first comment post BE banning is on Mania talking about how shitty and stupid the Mods are yada yada yada.
  • no way is MMA Fighting worse than Mania! - the dude
  • You have to be a bit more witty when insulting someone here. -
  • I've never understood that, considering they just add +1 to everything they agree with instead. Seems less efficient. Unless you totally want everyone to know that not only was it a good comment, but you are specifically declaring it a good comment.
  • Bloody Elbow has Double Punch Guy. ’nuff said....and Killa B
  • If you feel like going back to 6th grade name calling MMAmania is your place
  • Fine dining Vs. Macdonalds….. Everybody wants a Big Mac once in a while, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t give you the runs even after months of not having it.
  • it’s the elementary school name calling that gets tedious over there.
  • the conversation at BE is just much better. If you want to argue and debate intelligently here, you have to know your shit, and know how to get your point across in a clear, concise, intelligent manner or else you won’t be taken seriously.
  • I think the fact that they weren't clever enough to call it says it all.
  • I just don’t comment there because I tried that a few times and it didn’t go well.
  • I’d say I prefer BE for the MMA discussion, but MMAMania for cultural/political discussion
  • Also, we’ve got Ben Saunders, Josh “Doublepunch” Samman, and Jack Slack.
  • Simple, BE is home. Look at how long people have been members. We came here and wouldn’t leave…at least not willingly. Much of the staff came from the membership and most of the originators were participants in the conversations. This is a very welcoming, yet self-policing site. Everyone has a good time and rarely goes to far and when they do we all have a good time at their expense while the hammer drops on them.
  • But I think when we both did our original unmasked threads, it seemed like you guys were the older crowd. Most of us seem to be 20-25 years old.
  • The biggest difference I have seen was the comment section about JDS’ divorce/wife problem.. Most people in BE are wishing luck to JDS, while people from mania are making fun about how ugly JDS’ wife/ex wife is.
Keep it vulgar as soon as possible. Flaming and trolling is encouraged and polite discussions is for Ambassadors and diplomats.

*This FanPostis solely the subjective opinions of Mania readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Tom, Geno, Jesse, Brian, Patrick and the rest of the staff.

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