Mr. Nice Guy: Nick Diaz likes Georges St. Pierre and 'can't complain' heading into UFC 158

Tracy Lee/Combat Lifestyle

Those of you expecting (or hoping for) verbal warfare are bound to be disappointed. One of the sport's best trash-talkers, Nick Diaz, likes Georges St. Pierre and "can't complain" heading into their UFC 158 title fight on March 16 in Montreal. Sigh.

Well, this is depressing.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight number one contender Nick Diaz likes Georges St. Pierre and has nothing bad to say about the reigning division champion as they gear up for their 170-pound title clash at the UFC 158 pay-per-view (PPV), scheduled for March 16, 2013 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

No, really.

"I like my opponent. That’s why I want to fight him. I don't mean to say it like that, but he’s the number one guy to beat. That's what you want. I’ve been wanting his spot. He’s got the spot. He’s the guy to beat. I like him just fine. I had no room to run my mouth and talk. I was promoting this fight. I got the fight I wanted. I can't complain now. I like him just fine."

Those comments, which came during yesterday's UFC 158 pre-fight press conference (see the video replay here), are in stark contrast to Diaz's critique of St. Pierre's performance at UFC 154 back in November, where he called the champ a "pussy" who was "babied by Freddie Roach."

I guess all that chatter doesn't matter now that he's got his title shot.

Oh well. The good news is, we still have some time before this thing gets underway, so maybe someone at TriStar can manage to get underneath Diaz's skin. Or, maybe ticket sales will lag (like they did here) and UFC President Dana White will instruct Cesar Gracie to take the leash off his top dog.

Until then, we're stuck with Mr. Nice Guy, but we can always look back on this epic GIF with fond memories.

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