Lance Armstrong threatened Chael Sonnen with 'cancer' lawsuit; Sonnen retaliated with threat of ass kicking

Jonathan Ferrey

How do you stop Lance Armstrong from suing you over comments you made on Threaten to kick his ass, of course!

A couple of years back, Chael Sonnen claimed that Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer.

In fact, he did it right here on, as a guest on Pro MMA Radio, attacking the disgraced cyclist for not only cheating, but for using his allegedly self-inflicted medical malady to profit from a sympathetic public.

See those comments here.

At the time, Sonnen was gearing up for his UFC 117 title fight against Anderson Silva and had not yet established himself as one of the promotion's top stars, so his cancer remarks ruffled a few feathers -- but didn't gain as much steam as they might have if uttered today.

It didn't stop the seven-time Tour de France winner from threatening to file suit, according to comments Sonnen made on a recent appearance with Jim Rome:

"Lance is a dweeb, the only thing he’s missing is the tape on the glasses and the high water pants. That guy couldn't get respect at the local Honky Tonk in my hometown. He threatened to sue me so I threatened to kick his ass and the whole thing went away. Look, I get it and I'm kidding but Lance did do some bad stuff and he was a jerk about it. Yeah, he hit me up with the whole 'I'm gonna sue you' routine and I hit him back with the whole 'I'll kick your ass' routine. That's it, that's where it ended. I thought he was going to go through with the lawsuit but he did not."

Kidding about the lawsuit? Or the ass kicking?

Ironically, Sonnen failed his UFC 117 post-fight drug test and had to answer doping allegations of his own, prior to his money laundering fiasco.

Armstrong was recently a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show to basically come out and admit he was a fraud and that his entire career was one big steroid scam. Considering how may people he sued (or tried to sue) over the years to protect his name, Sonnen should consider himself lucky.

From Yahoo! Sports:

"At one point during the interview, he couldn't recall how many people he'd sued. Really. He not only didn't know the number, he couldn't even be sure when asked about specific individuals that his mighty, powerful legal team relentlessly tried to bury. It's worth noting that many of the people he's sued through the years in an effort to protect his lies and glory were one-time close friends, roommates, teammates, business partners and associates."

Sounds like a swell guy.

So there you have it. Sonnen was in the crosshairs of the Armstrong legal team, but strong-armed his way out of it with the threat of a mixed martial arts (MMA) beatdown. Maybe. Possibly. Or so he says. It's hard to tell these days, where lying (disguised as 'kidding') is just as prevalent as doping.

Oh hello, Manti Te'o.

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