Mike Goldberg details upper respiratory infection virus, not drug addiction, that kept him out of UFC 155

Ethan Miller

UFC play-by-play commentator Mike Goldberg recently discussed the "complicated health issue" that forced him to the sidelines and prevented him from fulfilling his duties at UFC 155 last month in Las Vegas, Nevada, denying any and all drug addiction claims.

Long-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) play-by-play man, Mike Goldberg, recently had to bow out of his duties at UFC 155 because of what he described as "a complicated health issue."

It was one that he assured mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, among others, had nothing to do a drug addiction nor did it lead to a stint in rehab, either.

When news first broke, rumors immediately swirled that "Goldie" had been admitted into a rehabilitation center because of an ongoing drug addiction; however, Goldberg recently put a stop to those claims, saying he would be back to the broadcast booth alongside Joe Rogan at UFC on Fox 6, which goes down this weekend (Jan. 26, 2013) in Chicago, Illinois.

Though he didn't give exact details about the issue then, he appeared on "The MMA Hour" today (Jan. 21, 2012) to detail a virus he obtained while in Brazil that prevented him from calling the Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez title fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, in Dec. 2012.

It was a virus that was strong enough to force hospitalization on more than one occasion.

His words:

"I ended up coming home from Brazil with a virus, an upper respiratory infection, I ended up being hospitalized a couple times for it, just because they were making sure they could get my lungs open. And just the complications of, I'm an asthmatic, I have been since high school, the complications with trying to get proper medications to get this virus out of my body, I'm not the first guy to come back from Brazil not feeling 100 percent, it just kind of spiraled. I've had throat infections, chest infections I've had a head cold, during the 800 NHL games I called, in the 200 or so UFCs or so I've done since 1997. So yeah, I'm a prideful guy, I consider myself a fighter as far as my broadcast spot, I want to be in my seat at cageside during UFC 155, but it broke my heart that I wasn't able to do so. I was kicking and screaming because I wanted to call the fights, I wanted to call the [Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez] rematch, I wanted to be there for a big show just like every big show I want to be there."

"Goldie" adamantly denied any addiction to drugs, saying that was never the case and thanks to TMZ -- a "gossip" website -- the hurtful rumors unfortunately spread like wildfire.

His disappointment:

"This is the society that we live in today. Everybody's got a Twitter, everyone pays 500 bucks for their website and all of a sudden, they're a ‘reliable source.' And one of those websites said something that was not true, and what disappointed me was how many ‘reliable sources' ... how many renegade websites and then legit websites just went with this gossip-site sources and assumed the worst, instead of checking their sources like they teach you in journalism 101 and make sure that the story is true. It was disappointing, it was hurtful, and yet the outpour of support by the majority of the people on social media, on Twitter was very heartfelt and it was appreciated. People like to see people fail, people like gossip, people people like to think the worst, people unfortunately that's the society we live in."

Jon Anik filled the void for the long-time play-by-play man, but now that he is ready and able, Goldberg will resume his responsibilities for the UFC as the promotion heads back to national television for a stacked event in "The Windy City."

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