Does a win for Liz Carmouche against Ronda Rousey bring the end of the UFC women's division?

Photo of Liz Carmouche by Esther Lin

Ronda Rousey is the reason UFC has a women's division. Does that mean it goes away if she loses?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) doesn't have a women's division. It has a Ronda Rousey division.

UFC President Dana White has made it no secret that Rousey is the reason women are fighting inside the Octagon and her title defense against Liz Carmouche, which takes place in the main event of UFC 157 next month in Anaheim, Calif., is a showcase fight for "Rowdy."

But what happens if she loses?

While her past performances would suggest otherwise, a massive upset is not completely out of the realm of possibility. After all, this is mixed martial arts (MMA), and fans should know better by now. Would it bring about the end of the women's division, despite this commitment?

Carmouche talks to MMA Fighting:

"The Lizbo fans, they support me. For the other people I'm just Ronda Rousey's opponent and I'm okay with that. It's still attention that wasn't there. I've heard that rumor, that it would be the end of women in the UFC if I get the belt. In my mind I think (Dana White) has invested too much for that to be true. But if that's the case, then we weren't meant to be in the UFC yet. It's a weird pressure. Just like when people boo, some people that breaks them down they let that get to them but it's the opposite for me, I feed off that. You want to spite me and say that's gonna happen? Fine, I'll show you."

The weight class was built around Rousey and White has already gone on record multiple times in the past to reiterate he's avoided a women's division because there just aren't enough fighters (yet) to keep one afloat. He still doesn't have the numbers he needs, but he does have a bona fide star.

It's enough to get him started.

A win over "Girl-Rilla" will undoubtedly lead to a "super fight" against former women's featherweight champion Cristiane Santos, assuming "Cyborg" will make the necessary weight cut to compete at 135 pounds. That should take us through 2013 and give ZUFFA more time to recruit additional talent.

Assuming Carmouche sticks to the script.

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