HBO boxing: 'Garcia vs Salido' results and LIVE fight coverage tonight (Jan. 19) from MSG is your one-stop shop for combat sports coverage this evening (Jan. 19, 2013), providing LIVE play-by-play results of the "Garcia vs. Salido" boxing event that will be featured on HBO.

Tonight (Jan. 19, 2013), boxing -- just like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) -- will kickoff its 2013 fight season in earnest with HBO delivering a fantastic triple-header from Madison Square Garden in New York, N.Y., which is ripe with the possibility for fireworks.

MMAmania will provide LIVE coverage of the "Garcia vs. Salido"led below, starting with the HBO broadcast at 9:45 p.m. ET.

In the main event, streaking prospect Mikey Garcia (30(26)-0), riding a streak of seven consecutive stoppage victories, faces grizzled veteran Orlando Salido (39(27)-11-2) in a tantalizing featherweight title bout. Garcia, who defeated junior welterweight titlist Danny Garcia in the amateurs, enters the fight more than a 2:1 favorite over the champion.

In the co-main event, Kazakh destroyer Gennady Golovkin returns to the ring for the first time since annihilating Grzegorz Proksa, facing the hard-nosed Gabriel Rosado. In an impressive display of cojones, Rosado is actually moving up in weight to face the middleweight Golovkin, who has knocked out 21 of his 24 opponents so far.

The whole thing kicks off with a super featherweight title fight between WBO champion Roman Martinez and Juan Carlos Burgos, another chapter in the historically-excellent Mexico vs. Puerto Rico saga.

Check out the latest "Salido vs. Garcia" quick results and play-by-play below:

Featherweight: Mikey Garcia def. Orlando Salido by technical decision (79-70, 79-69 x2)

Middleweight: Gennady Golovkin def. Gabriel Rosado by TKO (corner stoppage) at 2:46 of Round Seven

Super Featherweight: Juan Carlos Burgos and Rocky Martinez fight to a split draw (117-111, 112-116, 114-114)

Salido vs. Garcia play-by-play

126 lbs.: Orlando Salido vs. Mikey Garcia

Round one: Garcia pumping his jab right off the bat. Salido connects to the body. Garcia's footwork looks on point as he prevents Salido from getting inside. Hard counter left from Garcia puts Salido on his seat; he's back up in short order. Salido digs hard to the body after avoiding a big left hook. One-two connects for Garcia. Counter left hook from Mikey and Salido is down again. He's back up at the bell, but 10-7 Garcia.

Round two: Garcia patient to start the second. Salido lands a left hook upstairs. One low. Garcia with a three-punch combo. He flurries, Salido avoids it and lands to the body. Mikey connects again. Salido eats some solid left hooks to close the distance and connect to the body. Leaping left hook from Orlando. Stiff jab from Mikey. Awkward left uppercut by Salido, Garcia bounces punches off his guard to end the round. 20-16 Mikey so far.

Round three: Garcia with a solid one-two. Salido digs to the body and they tie up. Glancing left hook downstairs from the champ. Clinch. Garcia lands a right uppercut, then a bigger one and Salido's glove touches canvas. Again, he's up and lucid. He lands a left once they resume. Salido in pursuit, but Garcia temporarily dissuades him with a right hook. Clinch. There's the bell; 30-24 Garcia. Orlando needs to start racking up rounds.

Round four: Salido keeps chasing him and gets knocked down yet again. Salido falling short with his punches as he maintains his pursuit. Salido overhand right does manage to connect. Now he's pressing Garcia into the ropes and landing. He lands it again. Left hook from Mikey. Orlando is fighting with a reasonable amount of urgency. Clinch. Another. Salido did well late, but now it's 40-32 Garcia. This isn't a boxing score, it's a football score.

Round five: Both men tentative early. Stiff jab by Garcia. One-two. Another and that one hurt Salido. Another. Orlando connects to the body. Once again. Another good left. Clinch. Salido clubs him inside with a left hook, then Garcia nearly puts him down with a right. There's the bell; we're less than halfway through and Salido already needs a knockdown or knockout. 50-41 Garcia.

Round six: Mikey stings him with a left hook and one-two. Salido manages to connect with a left but gets tied up. Again, he tries to engage inside but is denied. He's still pressing forward, but he's getting picked apart. Mikey feeding him a steady diet of counter left hooks. Salido flurries inside but can't land flush. Body shots connect. Right overhand. Salido bombs away in the corner at the bell to no avail. 60-50 Garcia.

Round seven: Salido forces his man back and lands some decent shots. Garcia keeping his jab active. Left and rights connect for Salido, his best shots of the fight. Salido pursuing with reckless abandon, but Garcia reverses position and lands some good blows against the ropes. Salido gets tied up. Big uppercut from Mikey, but Salido tanks it. Another clinch. Salido lands the right before getting tied up. Salido just won't go away; Mikey lands a one-to end the round. I'm feeling generous; 69-60 Garcia.

Round eight: Garcia continues firing his jab. Big one-two from Mikey. Solid left from Salido as he chases Mikey down. Clinch. One-two from Garcia. Nice right hand. Salido lands a couple solid shots. Garcia with a right downstairs, followed by an uppercut. Clash of heads. Big one-two to end the round form the challenger. Orlando is still in this fight and is having his moments, but it belongs to Garcia at the moment. 79-69 Garcia.

Round nine: Looks like Salido broke Mikey's nose with that headbutt; that thing is gnarly and the doctor stops it. We're going to the judges.

Final result: Garcia def. Salido by decision


160 lbs.: Gennady Golovkin vs. Gabriel Rosado

Round one: Golovkin snapping out his jab early. Pushing forward behind it; Rosado's avoiding the power shots so far. Solid left hook from GGG. Good body shot. Rosado's offense seems nonexistent at the moment. Rosado with a nice jab. Golovkin is just walking him down, but not committing to the big bombs yet. Nothing much happens for the last minute. 10-9 Golovkin.

Round two: Body shot by GGG to start things off. Rosado digs downstairs as well. Golovkin hunting for a left hook, but nothing doing so far. Golovkin connects with a pair of solid jabs. Rosado deftly avoids some big shots. Nice counter right from Rosado doesn't budge GGG. Gabriel's cut. Golovkin effectively pursuing behind his jab and lands a right. Quick straight shot by Rosado. Rosado presses forward but can't connect before the bell. 20-18 Golovkin.

Round three: Rosado keeps letting himself gets pushed back; that won't end well.. Rosado lands a right. GGG lands one of his own. Rosado much more active this round. Big right hand from Golovkin and he has Rosado hurt. GGG on the attack; Rosado firing back. Rosado seems recovered. Solid left hook from Golovkin. More big hooks. Stiff right hand. Started out in Rosado's favor, but the Kazakh took over. 30-27 Golovkin.

Round four: Golovkin stalking Rosado right off the bat. Golovkin fires off a quick flurry but can't land clean. Rosado seems somewhat cowed. Nice left-right from Gabriel. Jab exchange. Gennady just walking him down with that killer jab. Good left hook. Another. Rosado to the body. Very stiff right by Gabriel to end the round, but it's still a shutout for GGG. 40-36.

Round five: Rosado lands another straight right. Jab trade. Rosado lands a solid combination, capped off with a left uppercut. Golovkin to the body. Rosado with a quick right, Golovkin answers with his jab. Another one. Another. Nice head movement from Rosado to slip a big left hook. There's the jab again. Rosado did good work early, but GGG was just in complete control with his jab later in the round. 50-45 same.

Round six: Golovkin lands a big left right off the bat. Hard right uppercut from Golovkin badly wobbles Rosado, but Rosado refuses to submit and is landing blows of his own. Rosado gets his wits about him and ties up; borderline rabbit punches from Golovkin prompts the ref to give Rosado a short break. Golovkin continues the jab onslaught as soon as they resume. Rosado to the body. Again. Golovkin continues battering Gabriel's messed-up eye with his jab. Golovkin's left glove is as bloody as Rosado's face as the round ends. 60-54 Golovkin.

Round seven: That eye is grotesque, but they're gonna let it continue. Golovkin is on the hunt from the get-go. Good body blows from the Kazakh. Big right hand up top. Right uppercut connects; incredible resilience from Rosado. Another uppercut. Rosado connects with his right, Golovkin responds with right and left hooks. That jab is just pulverizing Rosado's eye. Rosado's corner throws in the towel as Golovkin continues laying on the hurt. Gutsy performance from Rosado, but heart can only take you so far against someone like GGG.

Final result: Golovkin def. Rosado by TKO


130 lbs.: Roman Martinez vs. Juan Carlos Burgos

Round one: Martinez is apparently the only current Puerto Rican titleholder. No pressure or anything.

Good body shot from Roman in the opening seconds. Burgos responds in kind. More body work from both men. Burgos leans in with big body blows and Rocky answers. One-two lands for the Mexican. Long right to the body. Heavy exchange. Again. Very even round so far between two very aggressive fighters. Solid body shots. Good counter combo from Burgos after eating a right. Left hook from Martinez stuns his foe but he recovers. Burgos to the body. Once again. They swing hard to end the round. Close, but 10-9 Burgos.

Round two: I miss the early portion of the round due to technical issues. Burgos to the body with a right. Martinez presses his man into the corner and flurries, focusing on the body. Burgos escapes and resumes his own body assault. Low-high from Burgos. Technical trouble robs me of all but the last ten seconds, which see Burgos connect with a stiff left, only for Rocky to uncork a four-punch flurry that mostly connects. Going by the announcers, 10-9, 20-18 Burgos.

Round three: Solid right from Martinez. Martinez aggressive and connects to the body, then an overhand right. They trade in close and Burgos rips two shots to the body while Martinez lands high. Straight right form the body by Burgos once again. Martinez to the body. Uppercut. Burgos closes the distance with a left to the gut. Martinez tries to flurry against the corner, but Burgos reverse it and smacks him in the body. Martinez to the head and boy, gets Burgos against the ropes and connects well. Flurry by Martinez. Very close round, but I think the Puerto Rican did slightly better. 29-28 Burgos.

Round four: Both men attack the body inside. Burgos connects with a hard right and gets tied up. Quick right hand followed by a pair of uppercuts from Martinez. Burgos to the body. Good left hook by the Mexican, answered by a right from Martinez. Martinez gets him against the ropes and they trade big shits. Burgos with a stiff jab as Martinez tries to advance. Martinez in pursuit, but gets his head snapped back by a hard jab. Martinez did well and was the aggressor, but Burgos seemed to land the bigger shots. 39-37 Burgos.

Round five: Martinez wings shots as he wades in, landing to the body and head. Burgos jabbing constantly, now mixes in a successful left hook upstairs. Short right from Martinez. Burgos digs to the body and connects with a lead right hand. Martinez presses Burgos into the ropes and lands some glancing blows. Burgos is content to trade blows with his back against the ropes. He moves off and resumes attacking downstairs. Martinez gets him to the side again. Uppercut from Martinez after eating a Burgos right to the body. Announcers all over Burgos, but I liked Martinez there. 48-47 Burgos.

Round six: Martinez continues pressing forward, winging blows up and downstairs. Burgoos lands some savage body shots. Uppercut and left hook then another big left hook. Burgos is walking Martinez down and landing some huge shots now; Martinez is firing back but he doesn't seem to have the oomph to slow him down. Martinez gets him to the ropes and flurries, but Burgos's body shots are painful to watch. Martinez refuses to back down and continues landing his own hooks. Very good left hook from the Puerto Rican. Burgos cornered and eats some heavy blows. Now the same against the ropes; Burgos isn't retaliating like he did earlier in the round. Martinez keeps firing until the bell. Damn close; they split control pretty much evenly, but I think Burgos did more damage early. 58-56 Burgos.

Round seven: Over half of Burgos's landed shots have been to the body. I don't even want to think about how Martinez must feel.

Speaking of, early left hook there from the Mexican. Left hook from Rocky leads to a clinch. Burgos pressed against the ropes, but Burgos lands some big shots and circles out. Ref chides him for low blows. Good one-two by Martinez and some good blows in the phone booth. Thudding body blows from Burgos. Both men land rights as Burgos is once again pressed into the fence. Uppercut exchange, Burgos Body shot. Burgos seemingly dazes Martinez with a shot to the temple, but fails to pounce. There's the bell; it's a question of output vs. damage, and I'm leaning towards damage. 68-65 Burgos.

Round eight: Right from Martinez after some tentative feeling-out in center cage. Both men to the body. Martinez flurries upstairs inside and connects. Neither man throwing much, although Martinez is doing a little more. One-two from Burgos. Sneaky right from Roman. Left hook Burgos. Rocky digs to the body after a clinch and lands a flurry on Burgos against the ropes. Again. A third time; it's like Burgos took this round off. 77-75 Burgos.

Round nine: Again Burgos finds himself against the ropes. Burgos slams some lefts to the body and reverses. More big body shots from the Mexican. Rocky leaning into Burgos and landing his punches in bunches, but Burgos is relentless in his body attack. Big right and left from Burgos. Stiff jabs now. Rocky's punches just don't look like they're having any effect. Nice left upstairs by Burgos during a Martinez attack on the ropes. Another one for the damaging puncher, 87-84 Burgos.

Round ten: Martinez lands three shots to start things off, Burgos responds with a low-high duo. Burgos starts walking him down with bombs. More cringe-inducing body blows from Burgos. Martinez waves him own but he is visibly flagging from those shots. Burgos is just teeing off on his torso. Again. Nice jab from Burgos. Uppercut inside. Martinez presses him against the ropes again but doesn't get a chance to fire. Burgos to the head and body with left hooks. Martinez comes in swinging at the ten-second mark. Complete domination from Burgos, 97-93 same.

Round eleven: Martinez wades in with hooks. Burgos doubles up his left hook to the body and head. Clinch. Another one to the body from Burgos. Martinez presses him into the ropes and flurries, but eats three more huge left hooks to the breadbasket. Martinez gets him to the corner, but gets reversed and they reset. Triple jab by Burgos. Martinez bravely continues to throw. Good left and right to the head. Jab exchange. Sneaky right downstairs from Burgos, lead right to the head from Martinez. 107-102 Burgos.

Round twelve: Burgos starts aggressively, landing more big shots to the body. Burgos continues laying down big shots to the body. Uppercut upstairs. Rocky firing off arm punches. Again to the body goes Burgos. Body-head from Burgos. Martinez refuses to go away. He's still throwing everything he's got, but he just can't faze Burgos. Burgos with a stiff jab. Big shots inside from both to end a very entertaining fight. 117-111 Burgos.

Final result: Draw. This is absolute bullshit.


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