Dilemma - MMA or NHL??

After a long wait, the season actually starts tonight hence the dilemma. So, will be MMA or NHL that you watch live tonight??

I'll save some of the initial feedback already by saying the following;

I can PVR it but it is one or the other live and not changing channels back and forth.

Who cares about the NHL? The countless fans that long for something else. Yes, us Canadians care because there is nothing else for us to do right now other than icefishing and drinking beer.

Yes I'm Canadian - does that mean I'm bias? Fuck no as I'm not a die hard hockey fan although I grew up playing hockey until I was 23. I don't give a crap whether there was a season or not this year.

After a lackluster series of MMA events over the past 6 months or so, more shit than good, I'm ready for a change and tonight is the night for me. I'm sitting down with a case of beer and plan on doing my best to fit in with the regular NHL crowd - get good and loaded, burping and shitting while yelling at my flat screen about the shitty plays that are unfolding before my eyes.

So, will it be the NHL or MMA live for you tonight?

PS - Go Black & Orange!!



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