Moneypool/Freepool Maniacs. Last Minute Picks Reminder !!

Alright you fuckin maggots, just a final heads-up that the new season for the Freepool and the Moneypool starts tomorrow night. Or tonight even depending on when your reading this shit.

So here’s a final last minute reminder for those who have not yet made your picks.

Tick-Tock bitches, you have only hours left.

Fucking make your picks now.

Here’s a couple of tips from a seasoned veteran who doesn’t know his shit from his spit.

1) Pick with your head, not your heart.

You see inside that thick skull of yours is a fuckin brain. Brains actually work wonders. Brains are fuckin smart bastardin things. They process thoughts and assess situations and do all sorts of crazy amazing shit super computers can only fuckin dream of. It makes you do rational and proper things such as makin the right choice, or in this case, making the right pick.

See your heart? It pumps a shit ton of blood to your dick and gives you a fuckin hard on for your favourite fuckin fighter.
Don’t pick with your dick!

2) Home town boy don’t mean shit.

Just ask Mark Hominick how his home fight went against the Korean Zombie. Mutha fucka got fucked up in 7 seconds in front of his mutha!!

3) Research

Sure, research. Sherdog, Youtube, Nostradumbass, Unambig. How fucking boring. Just look at the money lines for fuck sake and pick the favourite. The bookies can’t be wrong. How many betting shops do you see closing down? Exactly.

4) Hot – Bout.

The Hot-bout, for all you new kids in these pools means double points! That’s right fuckers, it means twice as many points as it does for all the other fights. Just incase you tards don’t know what double meant. The Hot-bout is your friend. Caress it, feed it, sleep with it, fuck the hot bout. Just use that fuckin fanboy boner you got on the hot bout. Pay attention to it. You will be rewarded!

5) Gut Instinct.

If you still can’t decide who to pick. Go with your gut. That’s right, gut instinct. Listen to your gut. What happens when your gut tells you something? It usually means you need to take a shit. And what happens? You take a shit of course, and you feel better for it. See. Your gut was right all along.

Now if you go by all these tips, your sure to be a future champ. I should know, but I don’t, cos I never practise what I just fuckin preached.

I would just like to make a not so warm welcome to these new fuckers who have joined the Freepool.

· PorkchopSandwich

· burlzilla129

· the_rocketeer

· UKBlitzkrieg

· TheNextDamnChamp

· Scaly_Manphi



I'm gonna pick Gonzaga over Rothwell.

Gonzaga via sub rnd 2.

Cos Gonzaga looks exactly like my brother-law. No seriously, he fuckin does. He could be his twin ffs. I would post a picture to prove it, but when I took his pic the camera broke. It really did. Took his pic and then he grabbed the camera, crushed it in his hand and smashed me over the head with it. The big ugly fucker. Not that I'd say it to his face or anything.

Bisping via unanimous decision.



Met the man himself at his after party in Birmingham where he beat Leben. He is actually very down to earth and has got plenty of time for the fans.

Yes, it's Bisping, so he gonna get knocked out by Vitor you say. Just like he got KTFO by this guy:


Me and my friend Raymondo (not a Maniac) who is part of the freepool. Cos I will call on the Maniacs, even though there is non maniacs involved.

I know, I know.

That's 2 of picks and they both go against everything I just said not to fuckin do.

The Bracket -Tourny

As of now, I believe we will have enough players involved in both the Moneypool and Freepool to make a tournament consisting of 64 players. Now there has been countless new members that have joined between both pools, so just to re-iterate, we should have enough for 64. If not, it's gonna be the top 32 players that qualify.

So all you fuckers better make sure you have made your picks, because the first event is the one and only qualifier event!!! Top 64 or 32 will qualify.

10 events. 7 rounds

Round 1 is the 1st event. This is the qualifing round. ( Top 64)

Round 2 will be the best scores from events 2 and 3. (64 players)

Round 3 will be the best scores from events 4 and 5. (32 players)

Round 4 will be the best scores from events 6 and 7. (16 players)

Quarter, semi's and the final will consist of ONE event

Round 5 will be the best scores from events 8. (8 players)

Round 5 will be the best scores from events 9. (4 players)

Round 5 will be the best score from events 10. (Final 2)

Miss your picks. Miss the cut. Tough shit!!

Right, I'm off now to make my picks, cos I nearly forgot tbh.

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