After UFC on FX 7 staredown scuffle, Michael Bisping wonders if Vitor Belfort has any penis left

Vitor Belfort (left) makes contact with Michael Bisping in Brazil. - Guilherme Cruz via

After things got heated between Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping at today's (Jan. 17, 2013) press conference, "The Count" wondered if "The Phenom" would "roid rage" again at the weigh-ins, which led him to ponder the question: Does Vitor have any penis left?

Shit just got real.

Today's (Jan. 17, 2013) staredown between Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping in Sao Paolo, Brazil, was intense (see the pic here). "The Phenom" got too close for comfort, touching the chin of "The Count" repeatedly with his fist as camera flashes fired way (watch it here).

After a brief scuffle, the two middleweights were separated as Bisping hurled a few choice words toward the Brazilian, which only fired up an already animated Belfort.

"The Count," however, was not done talking, telling media in attendance afterward that it was "perfect" to see Belfort finally show some personality; however, he is now (jokingly) worried that his "roid rage" is going to kick in and also wondered aloud whether or not his opponent this upcoming weekend has any penis left.

His words:

"We went to do the square off. Normally I like to get near my opponent, but, he had his arm fully out reached and then started making contact with my chin. And then when I went to move it way, cuz, you know, listen don't touch me. Then he got all fired up and he lost his cool. He said that I'm a hooligan and I've turned up just as a professional sportsmen and he turned up just like a hooligan and he acted like a hooligan. So, all this talk about Jesus and the bible, and honor and respect went out the window. He's pumped for the fight and I can't wait. That was perfect, it was a great press conference, he bored the shit out of me the entire time but at the end of it he showed a bit of personality for once. He dropped the Jesus act and fucking got real for a second so that's perfect. Yeah it's going to be a great fight, fireworks. Fireworks guaranteed. Let alone the fight. The weigh ins are going to be good. But, do I have to bring my mouth piece? Can he control himself? Is roid rage going to kick in? Is the TRT an issue? Are his levels elevated? I think so. Have his testicles shrunk? I think so. Does he have a penis? HE IS A PENIS! Just because he is a penis doesn't mean he has a penis."

Belfort never gave a forthright answer when the Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) issue came up, preferring to keep a level of privacy in that aspect of his life. So, perhaps Bisping may just adding fuel to the fire.

If today's events are any indication, there probably isn't much fuel to be added as both combatants can't seem to wait to get their hands on one another and take care of business inside the Octagon this Saturday night (Jan 19, 2013) in beautiful Brazil.

It's going to be a doozy.

To listen to the full audio of Bisping's reaction press play in the audio clip below.

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