Mania Money Pool Call of Praise and Shame

Despite unambig and VM's valid arguments of trying to call this an SB Nation pool, we are doing this on Mania so we will rightfully call it the Mania Money Pool for two reasons.

(1) unambig and VM, as perfectly explained by our friend ricky dooby, are members of BE and yet they cry that two BE guys are in the pool (his words, not mine)

(2) ricky dooby/stinky's request: This is the mania money pool because we come here to do the fanposts, we come here to talk shit and post the season scores.. This is the mania money pool because we come here to do the fanposts, we come here to talk shit and post the season scores.. this is the mania money pool because you can NOT be a member of mania and this community, but you can still play. (ie.. guys like Agar)

This post will only serve two purposes: (1) to praise those who took the time to pay; and (2) to shame those who haven't paid yet (or we can just call them pussies)

P.S. I don't know why my friends and now you Maniacs seem to conclude that I look like PSY. Cut the crap, the last one I want to be compared to is a K-POP trash one-hit wonder. K-POP is the reason why people commit sins and that music is four evolution down the road. And Jonnyboy6969, don't be a pussy and unmask. What's there to hide? We all know you have a vagina but don't tell me you're ashamed of how you look?

With that let's see who have been good:

  1. Shivan Tiger
  2. Vic Dundee
  3. MMA_Boss
  4. HighAllth3time
  5. PabloXL
  6. Violent Mike
  7. Sanbria Man
  8. Danago
  9. Phasebook
  10. Freenow82
  11. Kg12
  12. letstalkmma
  13. tap snap or bons
  14. BNF
  15. Ninja Oreo Dollop
  16. BigGcastle
  17. Dmerit
  18. Christofecleus
  19. Oilcheck
  20. Sklart
  21. Swiftman
  22. Wisetoad
  23. Cruz Jackson
  24. Joben
  25. Aussie
  26. Ulf _Murphy
  27. Stinky Fingers
  28. Rilly
  29. Unambig
  30. The Pride
  31. Detroit Drew
  32. Jonnyboy6969
  33. Goldmouth
  34. Snake_Pliskin
  35. Biggant
  36. Dildon
  37. Jacare
  38. MixedMartialFarts
  39. RampageLangford
  40. 209stk
  41. spaceben
  42. donkeypunch
  43. Redman
  44. Scottidog
  45. SabuDhabiSandwich
  46. superfknmario
  47. 209king
  48. bitemyjacket
  49. sarah
  50. scarnon
  51. Jellybelly
  52. kevjack115
  53. KimuraAllOverYourFace
  54. daniel worby
  55. RG III
  56. Jido7

So that's 56 people PAID and we have more than 60 people in the camp for God's sake. Don't be lazy people. I know some have sent their mail (sarah, I am referring to you babe) but for those lazy last-two-minutes type of people who are just waiting for the deadline (UFC on FX event if I am not mistaken: JANUARY 26, 2013) please do send your entry fees now. Remember, if you did not make it to the deadline, your balls will be cut and you will be kicked out of Mania1 camp.

So time to bring in the SHAME:

  1. NNR ( I know you'll be sending yours NNR, I trust you)
  2. Murph0706 (Is this Ulf's relative?)
  3. Agar (Two-time champion and record-setter, we know you're good but we need CASH Agar)
  4. Afrotikiman (time to bring in the afro)
  5. Rolandando (free-pool alumni and event winner, come Rolo pay up)
  6. Dlocc (Come on compañero)
  7. Amos14 (too Biblical?)
  8. Yan117 (I am sure GSP can lend you $20 Yan)
  9. P-Dub (Are you still playing Dubs, I saw you're busy?)
  10. Deuce02 (I hope you didn't let the camels deliver it to Joben?)
  11. wyldeman99m (Still joining the wild side?)
  12. CDsmith - PUSSIED OUT
  13. U_Had_Me_At_Kimura (make sure to have us the $20)
  14. Ohmamadoes (oooohhh mama!)
  15. Sombrero (bring in the hut baby)
  16. Phinsallday (will appreciate the $20 all day)
  17. Isoceles_Kramer (very intelligent name that will hopefully come with balls to pay)
  18. Bong King (stop with the bonking and send in the payment dude)

To reward those who paid, I am giving you these vixens to ogle at:









Go ahead and bask in the glory of your decision to join this prestigious money pool. Don't be lazy and put money where your mouth is.

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