Junior Dos Santos FULL INTERVIEW with Nagradedo MMA

Alot of stories have surfaced regarding what Junior told Brazilian news outlet Nagradedo MMA. However, most of these articles only cover small parts of the interview. In reality, the interview was much longer and contained much more. I found the original interview and translated (Google Translate) from Portugese to English for those who are interested. I did this because he also answers interesting questions such as if the fight was fixed (intradesting...). I also did this partially because I felt these stories left out the small part in which Junior gave credit to Cain Velasquez for his performance. Although the majority of the interview was his excuses, he did give Cain his credit. Here is the full interview from Nagradedo MMA translated via Google:

How are you now, 13 days after the fight?

I'm fine. I mean, physically. Of course I was very sad, but I'm improving. Physically I have not had any problems during the fight, I had no major injuries, just got very swollen because I took many punches and he shot me easily.

Have you managed to watch a few times to fight for assessing what happened?

I watched and tried to understand what happened. Velasquez did very well his game, he imposed his tactics, but I did not react. I was there, but mentally it seemed I was not. Things that had happened in the fight that was normal to me, that in training at the gym I respond very well, but there could not.

But where was his mistake?

I just went and defended myself, no longer did anything. Strong in all my fights, was always attacking and going forward, but this time I just walked back and defended myself, no longer did anything. I reviewed the fight and realized these things happening, seeing the opportunities I had to make some other move and did not. It really was very frustrating.

And what happened?

Why did you have this performance as below the previous? It really was my head. He had some personal things going on, a bit of my attention was lacking because of it. And another thing. Soon after the fight I went to the hospital and had a scan, which gave my creatine was too high. The normal stay is up to 300, mine was in 1400. I also had trouble in the urine and kidneys.

But doctors say why this health problem?

The explanation is that the doctors I passed the line, I had a overtraining, and problems could have happened even before the fight. And this high level of creatine may also be a reaction to take the person's attention. I was so good that I ended up crossing the line, I trained too. That was the explanation of doctors. Mine is that I was not good with his head, was having personal problems and did not go well mentally in the fight.

Blogger's note: "The enzyme creatine kinase (CK) operates in power generation muscle. When it is detected at a very high level, can show an impact very intense muscle activity. It's an overload indicator of overtraining or muscle injury. The main symptom of its excess loss is strength "- Explanation of medical physiologist Toribio Leite de Barros, who worked for many years in São Paulo, the blog.

Evaluating all this, what will you do differently going forward?

Going forward I will be more careful, it will not be just one train and take the body to the limit all the time, need to know how my body is reacting to what all. We need to be a bit more professional about it. I will do tests during preparation. This fight also taught me that we have to be stronger with the head, think things strategy and better monitor the tactical part.

If you can choose, prefer direct face Cain again or make another fight before?

To be honest, I want Cain. I won the first, he did a good job in the second and third I think this fight has to happen. He is the champion and I want to fight him. I know there are people in the queue, Bigfoot and Overeem has. If I have to meet someone before that rematch with Velasquez, I'll cope. But what I really want is Cain now.

Wanted you to talk about some people were accusing him of having given the fight ...

Never. I would never do that. The main reason is that I have respect for myself and then for the respect that I have for my fans and the UFC itself, the institution with UFC, which is very serious. I would never do that to deliver a fight, even if it was the biggest money in the world. Everything I've achieved in my life was with great difficulty, was through hard work, and going against the majority opinion, always. Proving that I was able, even if people do not believe. I lost this fight because Velasquez was better this time.

You keep the idea of ​​moving to St. Paul in his next training? Vai keep Luiz Dorea and Ramon Lemos ahead of his time?

Can I stay in Sao Paulo yes. I'll visit again when Corinthians and had a beautiful structure there. If you evaluate it will be good for me, I'll be straight in Sao Paulo. In my team does not change anything. My team is very committed, always working very hard. I'll just add, bring more people to pass on their experiences. It's a learning experience, no one knows everything. We all learned a lot.

Please feel free to correct anything, the link I've taken the full interview from is:

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