Maniacs Unmask! 2013 Edition



Well, here we are again.

It's been a year since we did this last time. Yeah. I know. Time flies.

Let me recap the idea, for those who weren't a part of this, last time around.

We got to chatting last year, about anonymity on the internet. How it can make some people nasty. Or even act in a way they normally wouldn't, in the real world. Mania, to me, has always been first and foremost, a community. Sure. It's just an MMA blog. But if you're like me, you've spent an embarrassing amount of hours reading, not only the MMA news but the comments from our merry band of misfits. Long before I spoke up in the threads, I read every word by your OJR's. Your Deuces.Your Ulfs, Detroit Drews, Calis, P-Dubs, Stinky Fingers, AK's, Bigger Zinos, Jays, Cruz's, Unambigs, Magicmikes, Dakataks, Phases, Yans, Taps, VM's, Danagos, ArmBarBandits, Tickleberries, Scars and a list of guys that is too long to even read. It was a good long while after I started reading these people and many more of you, before I sacked up and started posting.

I was afraid that I would get mauled by trolls and ridiculed.The fact that I DID isn't the point. I also managed to become part of the community.

My point is a simple one. Said best, by my friend, Shivan Tiger.

"Fuck anonymity. This is Mania, bitches"

We have posters who know more about MMA than I ever will. We have comedians, fighters, hot chicks, bronze skinned eye candy, old men, journalists, teenage smartasses who write better than I do, potheads, Canadians, drunks and of course, some of the most well written articles (and best writers) in MMA. We have a great MMA pool and a drunk for a commissioner.

Which is SOOO Mania.

"So Scotti, you're probably in the happy, blazing, kickstarting FUCK, can I be a part of this community?"

Now, what I'd like to do, is extend an invitation to to new posters, lurkers, regs and OG to pitch in here and celebrate the community with an old fashioned, Mania meet and greet.

We almost broke the internet last year, when we did this. A number of regs missed out. And in the year since we've done Unmask 1, 2 and 3, we've gained a bunch of really great posters. Guys like Joben. Ninja Oreo. Oil Check,(Who is married! To a girl! Who knew??) Wise Toad, Death Kick Subjection, Jonnyboy, AJThrowinjabs, J_M_I Himself, SanabriaMan, pabloXL, etc.....have really carried the ball..And the list goes on, with many more of you contributing in many ways. I'm counting on you next gen Maniacs to help coax some new guys and lurkers out of hiding.

And what about you lurkers? You're here. Every day. Hanging on the words of many of our posters. (Not me of course. My Fan Posts are the kind of drunken boob flash, cheap applause, self-aggrandizing crap that's ruining the internet for everyone) So listen up, Lurkey. Say hi. Stop being afraid. Don't make us regret lax anti-stalking laws.

Are you a troll? A lurker? An MMA fan? A reg? OG? Staff? (Haha. I said 'Staff.') Well then let's see what you look like. No way you look worse than me. It's a great way of introducing yourself to the guys. And Sarah. Never forget Sarah.

No trolling, please. This is a fun thread and there's no need to go after anyone here. Go ahead and call ME ugly. But you better have a pic here first. As for the regs and OGs. Did you get married? Lose weight? Meet someone cool? Get in a fight? Dominate? I'm sure you can come up with a pic or two.

So allow me to get the ball rolling.

This year, I beat a disease, had a kid graduate college and lost 40 pounds



This was also the year that I realized My wife and I looked like Vanilla Ice and Tiffany, respectively, in 1994.



And I also came to terms with the fact that I am a grizzled, tired old man. Maybe even older than Ulf after all.

(It was time you knew.)



So now it's your turn. Introduce or reintroduce yourself to the greatest collective of characters on the internet. Mania is partly my home. And yours too. So come on in to kindly, old Grandpa Scotti's Mania mixer and chime in with a pic or two.

There is a 3 drink minimum.

Nobody wants to see your abs.

Be nice.

Those are my only requests.

Have at it, Maniacs.

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