Cain Velasquez wants to fight the best, including Alistair Overeem, as long as it’s 'fair'

Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports

With a potential fight against Alistair Overeem in his future, Cain Velasquez, the fighter, wants to compete against the best and as a fan, he wants to see the best go toe-to-toe against each other. As long as it's on a even playing field, of course.

A little more than one week removed from one of his most impressive performances of his mixed martial arts (MMA) career -- dominating Junior dos Santos for 25 minutes at UFC 155 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to recapture the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight title -- Cain Velasquez is already looking forward to his next title fight.

Pending the outcome of his UFC 156 fight against Antonio Silva on Feb. 2, 2013, in "Sin City," Alistair Overeem will likely be Velasquez's next challenge inside the Octagon.

Not one to put the cart before the horse, Velasquez can't help but to look ahead to a potential showdown against one of the best strikers in the division. Though he's already defeated arguably the best stand up fighter in the land of the big men by beating "Cigano" at his own game, Velasquez knows, while "The Reem" presents similiar threats as JDS, he brings a whole different dynamic to the table:

Brute strength.

Speaking to ESPN, the Mexican-American champion discusses a possible title fight against the striking Dutchmen and says he wants to continue to fight the best fighters in the world, as well as see them compete against one another, as long as it's "fair."

His words:

"I know both guys are really tough. I know, Overeem, his stand-up is really good. Good knees, big guy, strong guy. So, basically just see what I can take from the fight. Also, we'll watch his past fights, pick up a good game plan from there and we'll see what happens in the fight, but he definitely has to win. I just want to keep fighting the best guys, and he's been that person for a while."

One stigma that has always followed "The Reem" throughout his career is the accusations of steroid abuse. Though he has never been popped for the drug itself, Overeem was suspended last year for elevated testosterone levels, casting a dark shadow over his already questioned physique.

As far as Velasquez is concerned, as a fighter, Overeem has always proven himself:

"As a fighter, he's always proved himself. He's always been one of guys at the top ranks. In this sport, we have testing. And I'm glad that I'm in a sport that the state itself mandates testing for us. Just me as a professional, as a fan as well, I want to see the best guys fight each other, but I also want it fair."

As far as extra drug testing goes, Velasquez doesn't see the need, he feels the testing procedures applied now are enough:

"The UFC and also the state (of Nevada are) really good at doing that(drug testing). We all do it, we're all part of it. We all get tested. I know I'm getting tested. I know my opponent is getting tested snd I'm happy with that."

Despite his recent transgression, Overeem was officially licensed by the Nevada State Ahletic Commission (NSAC) to compete at the UFC's annual Super Bowl Weekend event against "Bigfoot" in what will be the first step on the path to a fight between Cain and "The Reem."

Should Silva defeat Overeem, the massive Brazilian will likely not get a title shot against Velasquez, the man who painted the Octagon canvas crimson with his blood , steamrolling him at UFC 146 in the very first round in what proved to be a very bloody and swift fight.

I mean, it's not like fans want to see that again, anyway.

Or do they?

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