Who would you drink a beer with and why?

Thanks danielworby. His idea that I am immortalizing into words on this lazy Friday afternoon. Perfect topic to end the week and to have for the weekend crowd.

Top 5 People in MMA that you want to have a beer with.

Here are mine:

1. Lorenzo Fertita. What's not to love? Billionaire, Jiu Jitsu Fan, Gambler. He also owns a few casinos that employ a multitude of pissed off kitchen workers hot showgirls.

2. Joe Rogan. Not sure that I want to drink a beer with him though. Might have to break my once a year reward and hit the vape. We could bullshit until the cows came home on all the conspiracy theories in the world and never once discuss MMA. My kinds fan.

3. Forrest Griffin. Fuck all of you. Hardest working guy, with the least amount of talent, ever in the UFC. Plus, I get to give him shit about TrT after being his biggest fan for all these years.

4. Roy Nelson. We all know where this would take place. Middle of the night on a mountain top around a campfire making mountain pies and s'mores.

5. John Dodson. So I can tell him the wonderful story about some emo kid impersonating him to the point of trying to get free work out of fans that actually bought his shit (until they were smart enough to realize it was bullshit. Took me long enough though). Once he laughed that shitty giggle, I would take out my .357, put it in his face and tell him "STFU ANS, I know it was really you!!!" No. I'm not holding a grudge.

Cheers and have a good weekend Maniacs.

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