Bigfoot Silva would fight Junior dos Santos if the UFC threatened to fire him, eyes Cain Velasquez rematch

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

What would make a fighter take a bout against one of his teammates? Threaten to fire him, of course. That's according to Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, who says he would never want to fight his training partner Junior dos Santos, but if the UFC threatened to axe him, he would be forced to reconsider.

Friends and training partners Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier won't fight each other, but Antonio Silva has no problems going toe-to-toe against his team mate, Junior dos Santos.

That is of course, only if his job was on the line.

"Bigfoot," who left "The Blackzilians" fight team to train with "Cigano" and the rest of the Backhouse MMA crew earlier this year, says he has no interest in swinging leather against Dos Santos. However, if his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) head honchos threaten to send him to the unemployment line, he would have to reconsider.

His words to Fighters Only:

"I wouldn't have any interest because we're from the same team, but I've got a family, parents, wife... so if the UFC tells me that I will be fired if I refuse to fight, then I will have to talk to Cigano and make the fight happen. But there are Fabricio Werdum, Rodrigo Minotauro and more people ahead of me in line."

Perhaps now that Junior is no longer the ruler in the land of the big men, he won't have to worry about ever having to be forced to fight his friend. A rematch against Cain, who is now the new UFC heavyweight champion, is something that better suits the massive Brazilian.

"Yeah, there was a sense that ‘I want more' in that fight versus Cain Velasquez. I trained a lot, I put in a three-month camp but unfortunately I committed a mistake of throwing the kick in the beginning and he opened a cut in my forehead with the first elbow he landed. I was fighting to take the bout to the second round, fighting myself, but unfortunately I couldn't get to round two. I want the opportunity to face him but there's nothing to do with rivalry, I just want to face the best guys over there."

Cain made quick work of "Bigfoot" at UFC 146 this past May, cutting him up early in the first round and proceeding to deliver some vicious ground-and-pound which forced a stoppage from the referee.

Silva bounced back by defeating Travis Browne at UFC on FX 5: "Browne vs. Bigfoot" in October and is lined up to face Alistair Overeem at UFC 156 on Feb. 2, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Perhaps if Silva can get a win over "The Reem," he can take his title shot, too.

Anyone see a rematch between Velasquez and Silva going differently than the first fight?

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