Haters Gonna Hate: Carlos Condit

So I've been stalking this website of the past couple of years and I know that everybody that regularly posts on here knows that pretty much all of the MMA fighters in the major promotions are more talented, hard working, brave, dedicated and disciplined then any of us on here could ever dream of being but, they're not Gods. MMA fighters are people and people do shit that piss us the fuck off!

I don't hate many fighters but I do have a lot of hate for some fighters. In this article and what I hope to be a on going series, I wanna go and put all do respect aside and exercise my right to talk shit about fighters that annoy the shit out of me. Tonight I'm going to go on a nice slightly belligerent hate rant on interim Welterweight champion and upcoming opponent tot the returning 170 Lbs Kingpin Georges St.Pierre.

And in case you're wondering......yes, I am mad bro! Let's start the show!

First off Fuck Condit for the face that he got a title shot off beating Kim Dong-Yun! What kinda shit is that? Dong-Yun isn't even a top 10 WW let alone a proper stepping stone for a title shot! KDY doesn't even think he's a top 10 Welterweight! Then Carlos actually believes he DESERVES that title shot off beating Kim Dong-Yun! Does he know that all Asian MMA fighters suck, with the exception of..... ALL ASIAN MMA FIGHTERS SUCK! You wanna talk about undeserved WW title shots, Hell at least Dan Hardy was marketable, with his Mohawk and his bandanna.

Carlos Condit then follows that up with his "fight" with Nick Diaz. I don't give a shit who you thought won, how you scored the fucking fight or whatever else. The Main Event of UFC 143 was suppose to be a knockdown, drag out, modern day classic of a WAR between The Natural Born Killer and The Stockton Slugger but instead, Carols Condit was responsible for AT LEAST 50% of a wrist-slittingly disappointing of a fight between The Natural Born Runner and The Stoned Stockton Slug, at least Diaz can you the excuse that he was blazed outta his fucking mind.

He robs me of that fight which with then robs me of what could of been a fucking awesome Champ V Champ fight between Diaz and GSP. Which either could of led to GSP being pressured beat up and maybe even topped or finally seeing Rush impress people with his performance but thanks to Con-Cunt just like the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the World may never know.

There's a strong case that can be make that Carlos actually hates MMA fans as he then REFUSES to defend his "Championship" against any of the other Welterweights that have been rising up the rankings, you know getting title shots by fighting other 10 ten fighters in their division and effectively becoming a glorifies number one contender. Asshole.

Now as we wait for November to finally come to see the 170 pound Championship be defended for the first time in almost two years. I know that if he has his way Carlos will once again rob us once again of another great fight against Georgie Porridgie. Because hate to break the news to all of you Condit fans but if you think The Natural Born Killer is gonna make a triumphant return at UFC 154, your damn wrong. If Carlos didn't wanna trade with Diaz, if he didn't wanna be aggressive against Mean Mugging Molasses Man that just stood right in front of him, if he didn't wanna risk losing a Interim Championship, what the fuck makes you think he's gonna come out and rush "Rush"?

Turning down the hate jets down a notch, honestly, where does Condit beat St. Pierre. Carlos is a pretty well rounded, mostly aggressive fighter with killer instinct but for the most part that has only be against lesser completion then him. The only proven fighters that we can really gauge him against he lost to. He lost a split against Kampmann, dropped a decision against Jake Shields. Rory wasn't nearly the fighter he is now and even that was a close fight and Ellenberger was a split victory and Ellenberger's credibly is kinda iffy now.

Besides that, let's look at who GSP has beaten, Carlos Condit isn't a better grappler then Shields, BJ Penn and arguably Matt Serra. He's not a better wrestler then Koscheck, Fitch or Matt Hughes. He's not stronger that Alves, or Koscheck. He's not a better striker then Alver or BJ Penn and after that monstrous ass beating that GSP gave him where he still couldn't be put away, I don't think he's more durable the Fitch. So, how does he win? Baby leg kicks? Fuck off Running Man!

What do you think Maniacs? Let the Hate flow through you!

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