Ian McCall's Arrest From Last Month Due To Suspicion That He Was A Drug Dealer


Ian McCall, a top flyweight fighter in the UFC, has recently seen a fair bit of trouble, as he recently served a 17 day jail sentence. He was brought in because he was driving on a suspended license, but the cops didn't pay him a visit based on that. Ian recently spoke on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani about the matter (quotes transcribed by MMA Fighting):

They thought I was a drug dealer. Don't know why. Well, actually, I know why. Someone that doesn't like me told them I was a drug dealer. An actual drug dealer that doesn't like me got busted.

This drug dealer was likely a part of Ian's troubled past, and him trying to frame Ian is what got the police after him to begin with. When they realized he wasn't a drug dealer, they still arrested him because he had driven on a suspended license. Here's what Ian said about how he was arrested:

And they came over to my house and they didn't find any drugs, they didn't find any text messages, they didn't find anything bad. So they're like ‘okay, you're not a drug dealer, but your probation officer said to come get you anyways because you have a suspended license.'

If it weren't for cops being drawn to his house based on the claim that he was a drug dealer, Ian may not have even been put under arrest for the charge he was actually guilty of. That doesn't necessarily mean he'd be free of punishment for that charge forever, but he wouldn't have had to deal with it at the time.

The arrest was pretty rough for Ian, a husband and father. He had to deal with 17 days away from his family. Here, he details what happened as he was arrested, and then his experience in Jail:

It was embarrassing. Them taking me away in front of my daughter and my wife. They tore my house apart, they tore my car apart. I guess they were following me from the gym, and they said, ‘oh, it would be more embarrassing if you got arrested in front of your gym.' Well I'd much rather be arrested in front of my gym, where my coach is a lawyer, compared to me being arrested at my house, in front of my neighbors and my daughter.

[...] I couldn't sleep in there. I got maybe like an hour of sleep a day, for the first ten days. I remember just sitting up and I was like, ‘what the hell am I doing here. I don't belong here. This isn't where I'm supposed to be right now.

McCall went on to talk about the support he received from the UFC, specifically Dana White and Sean Shelby. He touched on his past and the bad influences around him, saying that Dana and Sean couldn't be too happy about his situation, but that they still gave support. Ian then mentioned that they'd like him to fight at the end of the year, or perhaps in early 2013, though nothing is officially set.

In light of all of this, Ian clearly wants to put his past behind him, and that's just what he needs to do. He said as much, and that he'd like to continue building to get a title shot. He was very realistic of his future, and knows he's got a lot to lose. Hopefully, he'll come back and do what he's done best, and put on some great fights against top talent.

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