'Fan' of Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar feels drop to featherweight will give him speed and strength advantage

August 11, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Frankie Edgar fights Benson Henderson (not pictured) during UFC 150 at the Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar will finally drop the 10 pounds needed to compete in the promotion's featherweight division.

After suffering consecutive losses to current 155-pound kingpin Ben Henderson, "The Answer" announced his drop to the 145-pound weight class shortly thereafter, pleasing UFC president Dana White, amongst others, who often expressed their desire for Edgar to switch to the lighter division in order to avoid being out-muscled and undersized in his fights.

It hasn't seemed to matter in the past, though, as Frankie has proven that despite his stature, he was capable of going toe-to-toe with the best of the best at lightweight, claiming the world title in 2010 and defending it three times before running into "Smooth." Now it's time to begin a new chapter in his mixed martial arts (MMA) story.

His first opponent in is new weight class? None other the division champion and longtime ruler of the featherweight class, Jose Aldo.

The two will collide in the main event of UFC 153 on Oct. 13, 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, proving that 'dream fights' do indeed come true, after Aldo's original opponent, Erik Koch, suffered an unfortunate injury in training and was forced out of the bout.

Edgar stopped by "The MMA Hour" today (Sept. 5, 2012) to discuss his upcoming title fight against Aldo. Check it out:

"I don't think it's going to affect my speed, if anything I might get a little quicker I think, taking a little weight off. Some of the guys have to cut more weight than I will still, at 145. Frankly, I felt pretty strong at 155 and I think that will carry over to 45 nicely. The guys are quicker at 45, I've spoke about that before, but, again, I think will have a little bit more mass behind myself or at least favorable to my opponent where in the past at 55 I was giving up a lot of weight."

While ruling the 155-pound weight class, Edgar admits he always had an interested eye on Aldo:

"I was watching him the same, definitely a fan of him. He's an explosive guy, a dynamic striker. I guess on that level, I was a fan, checking him out and seeing some of the stuff he did. My team, my coaches, Mark Henry, he is very detailed. So, I'm sure he's been watching Aldo tapes for quite a while now, so we jump started on this camp pretty nicely."

Come fight night, Edgar expects to face the best Aldo possible:

"I'm expecting to see the best José Aldo. I mean, he is in his hometown and the last time he fought there he was pretty dominant. I'm not expecting anything but the best from him. I think (his wrestling) is pretty solid. Chad Mendes is probably one of the best wrestlers in the UFC and he had a hard time taking Jose down and when he fought Hominick, he had some very offensive takedowns as well. (Striking) He's one of the best in the UFC. Him and Anderson (Silva) are very dynamic in the way they approach the striking game. His knees are vicious and his leg kicks are vicious and he gots solid hands. I'm not taking anyone lightly, I don't care what weight class they are in."

The two scrappy competitors squaring off inside the Octagon has long been a desired fantasy matchup when both were wearing gold in their respective divisions. Despite Edgar no longer laying claim to the 155-pound title, it's safe to say the highly anticipated showdown hasn't lost any of its luster.

UFC 153 will feature a co-main event pitting Quinton Jackson, who will possibly be competing inside the Octagon for the final time, taking on Glover Teixeira, who looks to continue impressing in his second bout with the promotion.

Whats your take Maniacs? Do you think Edgar can turn the featherweight division upside down and hand Aldo his first loss in seven years? Or will "Scarface" send Edgar running back to the land of of the lightweights?

Sound off!

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