UFC on Fuel TV 5 results recap: Brad Pickett vs Yves Jabouin fight review and analysis

Martin McNeil via SBNation

MMAmania's Brian Hemminger takes a look back at last night's UFC on FUEL TV 5 main card bout between bantamweights Brad Pickett and Yves Jabouin. What helped Pickett get his first finish via strikes in his Zuffa career? Find out inside.

Two of the best bantamweights in the UFC clashed yesterday (Sept. 29, 2012) as Brad Pickett took on Yves Jabouin on the UFC on FUEL TV 5 main card in Nottingham, England.

Both Pickett and Jabouin were coming off their most impressive UFC performances and both were looking to enter title contention with a victory.

While Jabouin had gone 3-0 since making the cut down to 135 pounds, he could not handle "One Punch," who had him seeing stars before dancing Gangnam Style in the cage.

So what helped put Pickett find his first finish via strikes? And where do both bantamweights go from here?

Early on, Pickett grabbed control of the cage center and aggressively pressed forward with constant pressure. Jabouin was able to score while moving backwards, but he did not have much room to operate.

Jabouin, despite on his heels, was landing some decent blows, but Pickett continued to throw heavy punches and put "Tiger" on the defensive.

Eventually, Pickett simply overwhelmed Jabouin, mixing up his attack and instead of winging a hook, went straight up the middle with an uppercut. "One Punch" connected directly on the chin and Jabouin went down like a sack of potatoes. He may have been out already, but Pickett sealed the deal with a few blows on the ground until the referee intervened.

For Yves Jabouin, he actually didn't do anything that wrong. He's a fighter who loves to throw diverse strikes, but he didn't have a lot of space to land his spinning or kicking attacks. Despite that, he still was landing and was perhaps even winning the round while fighting on his heels. All it took was one opening, however, as Pickett went up the middle and put his lights out.

Jabouin is still a player at 135. Expect to see him step into the cage against someone like Brian Bowles, Roland Delorme or perhaps Urijah Faber in his next bout.

For Brad Pickett, he was extremely aggressive here and it paid off. With Jabouin needing space, he pushed a tremendous pace, got on the inside and refused to back off. He continuously threatened with his punches both to the head and body and Jabouin was definitely uncomfortable. That knockout blow had to be a relief for Pickett, who had yet to make good on his "One Punch" nickname in his three year Zuffa stint prior.

Pickett deserves a huge fight next. Don't be surprised if he's given a shot against Urijah Faber. Other potential opponents include Michael McDonald or Mike Easton.

So what did you think, Maniacs?

Did Pickett's massive "Knockout of the Night"-winning uppercut put you on notice? Despite his loss to Renan Barao, could be be vying for the 135-pound title soon?

Sound off!

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