Overrated Legacy of Fedor Emelianenko

Remember all that hype on Fedor being the best? Well, he is no different than Brock Lesnar, a guy who was over hyped just for the money. At least Lesnar makes sense since he was a WWE money drawer, but Fedor? He got nothing. I will prove that Fedor is and was a chump.

His wins:

Zulu: A wannabe Tito Ortiz claiming he is the best but can't prove jack shit. Has a washed up record.

Cro Cop: Since when did he beat anyone good besides Barnett? Exactly, he didn't. Also, take downs solve Cro cops striking problem.

Heath Herring: He lost to Jake O' Brian and barely beat Cheick Kongo. Need I say more?

Noguiera: Couldn't finish this fucker yet Mir did. What a shitload of fuck. And he purposely got a no contest in fight two to make his record look unstoppable.

Rizzo: He was never good. He is just like who Kenny Florian was and Urijah Faber is. A title challenger whose only purpose is to lose the bout. That's why Kenny Florian will NEVER fight Urijah Faber, because there will have to be a winner and the ufc cant allow that. But that's a different story.

Brett Rogers: Black guy with a Mohawk. Only knows how to streetfight Kimbo style. He almost beat Fedor round one. His next three bouts, he got cremated to Overeem, mauled by Barnett, and violated by his wife. You call him good?

Light Heavyweight washups: Too many to name, which is irrelevant anyway because he had trouble beating them. This includes TK, Randleman, Ogawa, Nagata, Fujita (who rocked him badly; do you know anyone good Fujita ever came close to beating? Neither do I. Not only that, but he almost got killed by overeem and was taken to life support. Exactly, Fedor got a China Plate chin.)Then there's Arona, Babalu, and Matt Lindland just to name a few.

Gary Goodridge: This black behemoth only got one win notable which was a head kick k.o. of an aged Frye, whose prime was destroyed by Ken Shamrock. His record now is comparable with Bob Sapp's, which says something.

Jeff Monson: Fat fuck should drop down to welterweight. He is only 5'9 and can't wrestle for shit.

Kerry Schall: Tap his legs once and he will quit. Don't believe me? Ask Jardine.

Andrei Arlovski: Glass jaw, yet he was pulverizing Fedor until he got desperate and listened to advice from belly dancers. He jumped off the ring to throw a counter hook. It actually landed.

Mark Hunt: A joke of a fighter (i mean striker) who only got his three wins in ufc against a one rounder Rothwell, who also came back from a year layoff, Chris Tuchscerer, who listens to advice from his boyfriend and lover Brock; gives up if he can't take you down, and Kongo, who sucks so bad that it makes Chuck Lidell look like he got an iron jaw.

Hong Man Choi: Giant fighter = Shit fighter. Ask Struve to explain.

Mark Coleman: He was never good and only fought back when people never knew how to defend a takedown, yet he almost beat Fedor on both occasions and even took his back.

Fedor is sooooooo good, yes indeed.

Time for his losses...

TK: Cut, he don't know how to avoid an elbow. And people call him good?

Werdum: He barely had a good triangle, and it took a good 7 seconds for Werdum to properly lock it in. If Fedor was so good, he should've escaped.

Bigfoot: He got obliterated by Velazquez. He bled so much and can't take a loss to the point where he tried to file an appeal to ban elbows. He couldn't even finish Arlovski, got taken down to Werdum 1996 style, and almost got knocked out to a guy roughly 100 pounds lighter than him. He destroyed Fedor so bad, it made Bj Penn look unstoppable.

Henderson: He only weighed 207 and out clinched, out boxed, and overpowered Fedor. But aren't Fedor's skills number one?

So there you have it. The world's number one wannabe Jesus who can't even beat a single person good.

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