Season 4 of FantasyMMAWorld is here!

Hey guys:

I’m a friend of Brian Hemminger’s, and I just wanted to let you know that Season 4 of Fenichel’s Fantasy Fight League starts October 1st, and it is my hope that at least some of you give us a look. We have an official spokesman now in Rick Hawn – future Bellator World Champion, so we are moving up in the world. Here’s how our contests work:

Main Contest:

1. Each season lasts for three months, costs $21.50 to join and only includes UFC cards.

2. For each fight you pick the winner, the method, and the round the fight is going to end.

3. Scoring:

a. For main event fights, 6 points for the winner, 3 for the method, 3 for the round.

b. For main card fights, 4 points for the winner, 2 for the method, 2 for the round.

c. For prelims, 2 points for the winner, 1 for the method, 1 for the round.

d. For the hot fight (prelim with the closest betting odds) – 4 points for the winner, 2 for the method, 2 for the round.

4. Bonuses – There are two types of bonuses

a. Fight bonuses. You pick the fight, knockout, and submission of the night. Each correct pick is worth 4 points, with an additional 4 points if you get all three correct.

b. Fastest finish bonus – this is new this season. You pick the fighter you think will win his fight the quickest. If you are correct, you’ll get 4 points.

5. Scoring is cumulative. At the end of a 3 month season, the winner gets 2 tickets to a UFC Pay Per View event, including one night’s hotel and airfare. We also give out prize packages from our sponsors to the 2nd through 5th place finishers. Additionally, we give away prizes for the highest scorer on each card. Last season it was an Amazon gift card. This season it may end up being signed merchandise from Rick Hawn. To be determined for sure.

The Battle For Bloodshed:

1. This is a FREE side game for anyone that joins the main contest.

2. For each card, you draft a team of 5 fighters that you think will get their asses kicked.

3. You assign confidence points to each fighter from 1 to 5, with 1 being for the fighter you are least confident in losing, and 5 being the fighter you are most confident in losing.

4. Scoring is as follows:

a. If your fighter loses by ko or submission in the first round = 1000 points.

b. If your fighter loses by ko or submission in the second round = 750 points.

c. If your fighter loses by ko or submission in the third round or later = 500 points.

d. If your fighter loses by decision = 250 points.

e. If your fighter wins by any method = -1000 points.

f. These scores are multiplied by your confidence points for that fighter. For example, if you picked Charles Oliveira for the last card with a confidence level of 5, you would have scored 5000 points for that fight.

5. This is a weekly contest. The highest scorer each week gets a t-shirt from Shosen Apparel.

The Bracket Brawl:

1. This is a contest that is open to the first 64 members that sign up for a season.

2. It is run NCAA bracket style and is based off of your scoring for the main contest.

3. If you outscore the person you face, you move onto the next round.

4. The winner currently gets free entry into the next season of our league. This will eventually change to a much stronger prize.

The Method of Madness:

1. This is our first ever TEAM game that is BRAND NEW to this coming season.

2. Teams are comprised of 2 players.

3. For each fight, BOTH players pick only the METHOD of finish.

4. Each team member assigns confidence points ranging from 1 to 3 for every fight.

5. If you and your partner pick the same method, your confidence points are multiplied and you win or lose that amount of points based on whether you are correct or incorrect.

6. If you and your partner pick a different finish, then your scores for that fight are calculated separately.

7. The scoring is best suited with an example. Let’s take the Jon Jones v Vitor Belfort fight from 152. Let’s say you and your partner both picked the fight to end in a submission, and assigned it a confidence point level of 3. You would have scored 9 points for the fight (3x3). However, let’s say partner A picked submission with a confidence level of 2 and partner B picked KO with a confidence level of 1. You would have scored 2 points for partner A being correct and lost 1 point for partner B being incorrect for a total point score for that fight of 1. This may sound complicated when writing it out but when playing the game it’s actually very simple and easy to follow along.

8. We’re going to have a pro wrestling style element to this game. The first season’s winners become the “tag team champions”, and they will defend their titles against the current season’s winner every season.

As I mentioned, we’re in our 4th season and we continue to grow. We’d love to have more MMAMania guys play. This is by far my favorite page for MMA news, and I know that the members here are both incredibly passionate and on the Fantasy MMA Bandwagon. If you’re interested, give us a look at

Thanks for listening guys,


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