I am a Maniac

I am a Maniac. I come here almost everyday to get my MMA fix. I come here during live threads to BS with other fans and comment on the fights as they take place. I even write an occasional article that gets a rec or two. I have been doing this off and on for the better part of 3+ years. I won't stop doing this.

Sure, it was easier to navigate the old format. Sure, I have yet to able to get my iphone to actually load the site. Yes, the yellow is now too yellow and the borders are too white. Even if the new format is not great, the reason I come here is not for a pretty screen. It is for the community.

MMAMania has the best community, hands down, over any other site on the internets, IMO. Sure, some of you are douchebags. Some of you are just plain dumb. Some of us you are pretentious and should probably be at BE, excepting the fact that I you realy, really want to call fucktards, fucktards. but I digress...

The reason we come here is varied, but a little formatting will not stop me from showing up, on an almost daily basis, to get my MMA fix and BS with like-minded fans, and based upon the number of people that are bitching, you are still showing up too. Why keep bitching? Accept that we are not changing back, so send any constructive criticism (something I have not seen very much of)to SBN's support team or leave them here in the comments.

My biggest gripes:
1. I cannot write in the Visual View of the fanpost section and don't know enough HTML to make paragraphs. (Thanks vhw for the help)
2. I cannot see the thread my comment is in on my fanpage. Sure I can see the comments and replies, but I want to know what thread that comment is in.
3. There are only 2 recommended fanposts. I want 5 back.

Thanks for listening.

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