Struve vs. Miocic Picks - Redemption

So, I absolutely got raped for my 152 picks. Only getting Jones, Vinny, Noke and Hamill right. Going for an abysmal 4/12 . Although I'm overly ecstatic that Noke beat Charlie not Brown, to the point of creaming myself in a watermelon, that ain't even 50 percent christ. Im gonna blame pick rust for this. With zero major events for God knows how long, I gotta comeback with this. I guess, you can call me the Cain Velasquez of MMA picks. Believe it or not I don't lick monkey asshole at picks all the time, so UFC 152 was my Junior Dos Santos.

With all the changes here at SB nation at least they kept the fucking fanposts area the same, so I dont get blinded writing this. I mean, honestly, do we need gigantic pictures as the first thing we see?The Fanposts sections is alright, but I hate the Fanshot section. Plus, the comments section is horrendous in my opinion, we'll see. Blind people get used to not seeing I can get used to this.


Stefan Struve vs Stipe Miocic

Struve has let me down countless times. I thought he'd destroy Roy Nelson like Werdum did. Did not happen. I thought he'd be able to tap Browne. Skyscraper gets obliterated by a Superman Bomb. I pick Dave Herman to knock out Struve. Struve decides to fight smart getting a very impressive K-1LEVEL STYLE SUPERPOWER striking tko. So, I'm going with Struve because I think he finally isn't a retarded (but extremely exciting) fighter. STRUVE

Dan Hardy vs Amir Saddolah

Now arent these just two guys you'd be somewhat interested seeing if the UFC did a "The Comeback" Ultimate Fighter season again? Instead they opt with mediocre Welterweights and put this in the co-main. It's smart, marketing, british fan boy wise and probably going to be a good striking battle, but ehhh. MMA math doesn't work. But I firmly believe K-1 ( I use k-1 as a short term for Kickboxing) math works... a little more. Ludwig beat Sadollah like I thought he would. I thought Ludwig would beat Hardy, but I guess Hardy's striking is as overrated as I thought. I just don't know what it means to be Knocking out "Bang" these days. Either way, I got Dan Hardy. Sadollah's best win at WW is fucking Damarques Somewhat Darkness Johnson. Yeah. HARDY

John Hathaway vs John Maguire

I've watched Hathaway's fights, but I cannot for the love of God remember what he did in his last 2 fights. Two big moments come out when I think of him. The knee on Diego and getting placed in a side control triangle getting punched by Mike Pyle. I've just been completely underwhelmed by Hathaway he hasn't been able to finish a single opponent that has a win in the UFC. People will point to the Diego performance, but shit. Diego was fat, unmotivated, and broken. He still tried his damnest, but I remember this about the time Diego was going through a lot of personal shit. His fighting will is what made this look competitive plus Diego really is better suited at LW.

Maguire's grappling prowess should be enough to get this fight to the ground and win an entertaining ground game decision or Hathaway is going to stuff takedowns, score jabs all night long. fuck that MAGUIRE

Brad Pickett vs Yves Jabouin

My lock of the card. As long as Pickett doesn't do what he did against Barao. Pickett should be able to control everything, dictate the pace, where the fight takes place etc. Because of bad judges IMO Walel Watson might be cut. Jabouin lost that fight simple as that. Yves has one of the least impressive 3 fight winning streaks that I've ever seen in the UFC. Factoring in performance and opponent. PICKETT

Paul Sass vs Matt Winman

I love Sass. That boy is sassy, plus when he talks I kind of think he's retarded. But people talking bout his sub wins over Johnson and Volkman like he tapped out Ben Henderson or something... Johnson's lost by heel hook before, hes been tapped out. Same goes for Volkman. Don't get me wrong I love some Awkward Christmas, but he's just been a product of facing other wrestlers and out grappling them. Kampmann, known for a very underrated sub game, tapped him, and Sass a guard guy tapped him. Volkman's ground game OVERRATED.

Watt Miman is a motherfucking machine. Reminds me of a more explosive looking Chael Sonnen, without the amazing takedown. Though, Wiman ain't a slouch either. Wiman's never faced a guy who goes for subs like Sass, but I think he can keep the fight standing, and/or when the fight does get to the ground avoid the sub for a split decision win. WIMAN

Che Mills vs Duane Ludwig

I got Che Mills by destruction. I don't know how much I am overrating Che Mills, but I think he's up there with Paul Daley, Condit, Nick Diaz level of striking. And Ludwig's chin is not the greatest, which is the biggest difference in my opinion. If this wasn't with 4 oz gloves it'd be much much closer. MILLS

Kyle Kingsbury vs Jimi Manuwa

I don't even understand how Kingsbury made it this far in the UFC. I never watched the Season he was on. But he didn't win a single fight on there. Then loses to Filthy Tom Lawlor and still gets a next fight. Shit, did Joe Silva already love guys that WAR!? No matter, if you bill yourself as a striker and you ain't knocking out Jared Hamman, you got work to do, ESPECIALLY when you have zero ground game. Move over Cheick Kongo, Kingsbury has the worst ground game in the UFC. I've seen guys with 3 months of sub-grappling training with better ground game. And you get this from a guy who fights for A LIVING. Its outrageous.

Jimi POSTER BOY Manuwa. I'm seeing something similar to what happened to Kyle when he fought Glover. Check out this Manuwa highlight. MANUWA

Andy Ogle vs Akira Corassani

I'm a big fan of Akira's. Might be my immense love for Asa Akira that helps it, or that Akira is a featherweight with knockout power. Actual knockout power. Power that has landed on people. He dropped or dazed all his opponents on TUF including Dennis Bermudez. Ogle's got decent ground game, but loses a lot of positions going for subs. I think Ogle's going to test the standing and that will fuck him over. He throws some random shit at least it'll be exciting. Missing on wild uppercuts. "Asa" Akira Corassani

Tom Watson vs Brad Tavares

I'm picking Kong for the following reasons: 1. Iono bout you, but that's a Badass, Bada$$, BAD4$$ nickname, 2. Tom Watson is a pretty badass name already, giving me some Sherlock Holmes vibe, 3. Kong's hasn't lost in England since 2007, (Horowich, Maguire, Ninja) thats about as good a resume someone can have NOT in the UFC these days, 4. Besides his comeback against Baroni (which should not have happened to the NYBA in the first place) Tavares has looked unspectacular in all of his bouts. Beating non WW Seth Baczynski, and barely getting past Dong-Yi Yang. KONNNNNGGGGGG

DaMarques Johnson vs Gunnar Nelson

Gunnar by tapout. Bye bye, DaMarques. Look up some Gunnar Nelson fights, that dude got like a Machida ground game style. Fucking leaping in and out but to a body clinch. GUNNAR NELSON

Jason Young vs Robbie Peralta

I don't know bout this one. Young finally gets an opponent that's supposedly going to be a "stand and bang", but Robbie doesn't do the banging. He stands, but methodically if IIRC. Also, gives me a sneaking suspicion that Robbie is a very smart fighter. He's been watching tape, on Jason, he knows he can take him down and win. I hope that don't happen. I rather Robbie be able to finish it standing, but I think he'll fuck the stand up and just take Jason down. The few moments Young had standing against Poirer, Poirer was scared. Poirer had to take it down to win. I'm going with Peralta. PERALTA

Fights I am most hyped for:

Struve vs Miocic

Sass vs Wiman

Mills vs Ludwig

Kingsbury vs Manuwa

Ogle vs Corassani

Kong vs Tavares

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