Am I The only who thinks the new Layout is painful on the eyes?

It feels like they increased the brightness because of all the white space.

Maybe its the computer im using at the moment. I am going to go home see what it looks like there too.

Here's some nonsense...

In my honest opinion Ronda Rousey would despise anal sex. She would be the kind of girl that would be like "You wanna fuck me in the ass? Aight, but you first"

Miesha on the other hand. Mhm mhm mhm. That's all I'm going to say.

I predict one day there will be a BREAKING story about Jon Jones saying he came home one night drunk and did some domestic violence. Tiger Woods and his wife style. Iono talking out of my ass.

Condit vs Diaz. I pray to god that that was a one time thing for Carlos.


I went home tried it, the comments section ain't as bad as I thought. I can live with turning my brightness down, but shit man yesterday the computer I was using It literally figuratively felt like someone threw a flashbang at me, played me some japanese anime, then Goku, Cell, Krillin and Tien came outta nowhere to Solar Flare me...

Still don't like clicking shit to read shit that I might not even wanna read, but aight at least the comments section is actually maybe better if not equal

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