New MMA MANIA Layout Your Thoughts (Survey)


Cannot post the new logo????

What are your first impressions of the new Mania/ SB*Nation layout?

Personally, I don't like it, at all. All the writing seem to be so much bigger, and pictures seem enlarged as if I'm zoomed in on the page. There is a hell of a lot of plain white space, which I hope get filled with ads, or some colour.

The mobile view is just a plain ol mess, can't find my way around at all.

It's just seems to have lost it's character, especially with the new fancy fonts.

The new logo, has in fairness grown on me. Didn't like it at first, but it quite sharp in fairness.

I guess this new layout will grow on me also, and to everyone who hates it now. It's just such a drastic change, and I'm sure I'm not the only maniac who hates drastic change.

I'm sure there was a lot of effort and time spent designing it and all the rest of it, and I'm sure there is a few more improvements to come and more changes. But personally, if it's not broken...

Maybe in a few months we wont even remember or care for the old layout, if you are still here of course.

Okay, I was gonna attach a poll, but that option seems to be missing?

Anyway, your thoughts please.

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