UFC Heavyweights - Who Should Fight Who?

Since Frank Mir got injured and had to pull out of the DC fight in StrikeForce,I figured it was time to do another "Who Should Fight Who" post. This time its The Heavyweights.

Okay,here are some of the fights that I would like to see happen.

DC vs Werdum - Reason: Mir got hurt and now they have to find someone else for DC to fight who better than Werdum,both guys want a UFC title shot and since DC only has one fight left on his contract with StrikeForce this fight makes total sense. It would be a great match up,Werdum now has great striking to go along with his top notch ground game so it would be interesting to see what DC's gameplan would be.

Hunt vs Barnett - Reason: I don't know if there are any other Heavyweights on the StrikeForce roster besides Barnett and DC so I figure they will have to either send Barnett over the the UFC already or the UFC will have to send one of their own for 1 fight in StrikeForce. I think this rematch would be awesome,Hunt is the best he has ever been in mma and has improved greatly since he first fought Barnett. Barnett is a top guy who will finally be back in the UFC after his next fight,Barnett vs anyone is a always a good fight but a fight against Hunt would be great.

Barry vs Jordan - Reason: We all know what Barry wants to do,it just so happens that Jordan also loves to stand and bang. Book it.

Overeem vs The Winner of JDS/Velasquez - Reason: I don't know who else Overeem could face when he comes back because nobody is in line for a title shot right now besides him. A fight with Werdum is out of the question I would think because I can't see Werdum sitting out until Jan-Mar 2013,so I assume if JDS destroys Cain again that this will be the next Heavyweight title fight.

The Winner of Carwin/Nelson vs The Winner of Browne/Silva - Reason: Browne is on a run and will probably make Silva look like the Triple A fighter that he is so a fight against The Winner of Carwin/Nelson would show us a lot about Browne.

The Winner of Struve/Miocic vs The Winner of Big Nog/Herman - Reason: They are fighting only weeks apart so a Winner vs Winner fight makes sense and would be fun to watch no matter who wins. Struve and Miocic are both on hot streaks while Big Nog and Herman are on losing ones so I don't know how the UFC would do marketing it but I still think this will happen and would be help Miocic/Struve get closer to a title shot.

Kongo vs The Winner of Gonzaga/Dos Santos - Reason: Kongo has been afraid of getting hit in his last few fights(The ones where he didn't get beat up and actually won) so a fight against Gonzaga would solve that problem for him since Gonzaga would probably be trying to take Kongo down the whole time and we wouldn't have to watch a cagegrind fight and a fight against Dos Santos would probably mean Kongo is either getting knocked out or knocking Dos Santos out. Kongo vs The Gonzaga/Dos Santos Winner would be a great fight,at least I think it would be.

Rothwell vs Russow - Reason: Russow got beat pretty badly against Werdum so he needs a step down,Rothwell knocking Schaub out even though some may think it isn't a hard thing to do still impressed me a lot,and Rothwell seemed to be in better shape in his last fight so I think he would be able to bring the fight to Russow and make it an exciting one.

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