Mania Money Pool Results: UFC 152 (Jones vs Belfort)



Wow. The return of the Zuffa organization in our TV screen feels somewhat weird as we experienced a dry spell worse than the "El Niño" phenomenon. UFC 152 though did not disappoint as we saw lots of good MMA action and lots of upsets as well. In our own money pool free-pool alumni Rolandando showed another flash of brilliance in his MMA picking as he single-handedly outscored all Mania Money Poolers. As ViolentMike reminds me and as Toby Keith pleads in his song, let's go down to the main attraction, with a little less talk and a lot more action.


Main Event:

205 lbs.: Jon Jones defeats Vitor Belfort via submission (Kimura) at 0:54 of round four for the UFC light heavyweight championship

Main Card (pay-per-view):

125 lbs.: Demetrious Johnson def. Joseph Benavidez via split dec. for first-ever flyweight championship
185 lbs.: Michael Bisping def. Brian Stann via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Matt Hamill def. Roger Hollett via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Cub Swanson def. Charles Oliveira via knockout at 2:40 of round one

Preliminary Card (FX Channel):

205 lbs.: Vinny Magalhaes def. Igor Pokrajac via submission (armbar) at 1:14 of round two
155 lbs.: T.J. Grant def. Evan Dunham via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Sean Pierson def. Lance Benoist via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Marcus Brimage def. Jim Hettes via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card (Facebook):

170 lbs.: Seth Baczynski def. Simeon Thoresen via KO at 4:10 of round one
135 lbs.: Mitch Gagnon def. Walel Watson via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:09 of round one
170 lbs.: Kyle Noke def. Charlie Brenneman via TKO (strikes) at 0:45 of round one

Mania1 Camp:

  • After many have tried entering the money pool this season bragging about how good their picking skills are and how they will win the whole thing, only 38 people were left and others might still be removed from camp. I thought we can get over 40 but as they say, some people just love to talk big and never mentions how small their penises are. I was disappointed with those who were not able to send Jay their $20. Really, guys, you were given a lot of time to send Jay your fee but you failed. Goes to show you your true colors.
  • 33 out of 35 (astounding 94%) people picked Jon Jones to win. It is the logical choice given the fact that Jones has the advantage in almost all areas. But then again, there are those who chose to defy logic and choose the fighter that we all know has no chance of winning: VicDundee and dlocc. I admire your courage VicDundee and dlocc for having the temerity to pick Vitor to win by 1st round KO. Now I know Wisetoad's real name: VicDundee and that dlocc is his alternative screen name on Mania. You two have a greater chance of having sex with Emma Watson on a threesome right now than Vitor getting the W, much even lesser a KO, against Jones. Please VicDundee and dlocc, go email DetroitDrew right now and enroll in his seminars for how to pick fights. He can be of help. Big help.
  • Michael Bisping might be the most underrated fighter in the UFC roster nowadays and 31 people actually believed the Count can pull out the win against All American. But hey, 5 people in our camp believe in the former soldier's bombs. Jido7 and rickydooby, picked Stann to win by first round KO while our friend VicDundee picked the 2nd round and CDSMid picked the third round for Stann to decapitate Bisping and Sombrero even went full retard and thought that Stann is going to win a unanimous decision. Guys, we understand how going against the majority can sometimes give you points, but for this fight, you guys just showed how greedy you can be. Greed sometimes is not good.
  • Out of the people who actually managed to pick (Deuce, I hope you're okay as this is the first time you haven't picked), only 6 people notched points for the Mighty Mouse. You cannot fault the 30 of us for picking Joe B. Pride made him look like a demi-God in MMA with his excellent write-up of Joe B's abilities. Unfortunately, speed kills and it's Keanu Reeves (for Speed, duh!) is the determining factor for this fight. Who are the Speedy Gonzaleses of our camp for this fight? (1)letstalkmma (unanimous), (2) kg12 (split, good call), (3)freenow82 (unanimous), (4) Scottidog (unanimous), (5) rickydooby (unanimous), and (6) NNR (unanimous). Good call there guys, especially kg12 who had the courage to click split decision.
  • The fight between Vinny and Igor quite divided the Maniacs in the Money pool as 15 went for Vinny and 21 went with Igor.
  • 27 people thought Evan Dunham is better everywhere against TJ Grant and boy we were disappointed. 9 people gave Grant the edge and they were rewarded quite heftily with points: Let's reveal these 9 people so that we get to kneel in front of them and praise their good judgement calls. We believers of Evan Dunham should even suck these 9 people's dicks, shall we? (1) letstalkmma (UD, good call), (2) SanabriaMan (UD, good call), (3) thepride (UD, good call), (4) unambig (UD, good call), (5) ShivanTiger (SD), (6) Amos14 (UD, good call), (7) goldmouth (UD, good call), (8) rickydooby (UD, good call), and (9) Yan117 (SD)
  • The hot bout of the evening is the fight between Seth and Simon. 23 people picked Seth and 13 people had 0 points for picking Simon.
  • 30 people loved the Aloe Vera forgetting that it has a penchant for folding when hit to the body. This was proven again in this bout as Oliveira folded for the second time after a Greg Jackson fighter used a body shot against him. 6 people believed in Cub despite his obvious wrestling weakness. Let's see who these magnificent 6 are: (1) ohmamadoes (UD), (2) CDSMid (KO, R2), (3) Scottidog (UD, good call), (4) Jido7 (KO, R2), (5) Ulf_Murphy (KO, R2), (6) Rolandando (UD).
  • The fight between Mitch Gagnon and Watson torned the camp apart as 56% (20 people) chose Walel and 16 people (44%) chose the Canadian submission artist.
  • If there's a Charlie Brenneman fight against a mid-tier fighter, go choose The Spaniard to grind out a humping festival. Against Kyle Noke, that logic fell out of the window, to the detriment of 29 people (83%) who chose the grinder against Noke. 6 people went out against the grain and they were rewarded with a Noke KO in the first. Let's mention these people shall we? (1) Rolandando (UD), (2) letstalkmma (UD), (3) Two_Words (UD), (4) P-Dub (R2, KO), (5) scarnon (UD), and (6) ohmamadoes (R2, Sub)
  • Okay, here is the jackpot pick. P-Dub thought "35 pricks picked Hettes to win over Brimage." Hey, since I have really nothing to lose here since I am not really a contender to win this thing, let me pick Marcus to win by unanimous decision just to annoy Phase who has to look for everyone's picks and to have a fucking laugh if Marcus wins. Then the inevitable came. Hettes came in with a retarded game plan and Marcus won. Fuck the 35 of us who sucked Hettes' dick so much he forgot he was supposed to win. Much propos to P-Dub for going against the majority and actually having the last laugh.
  • 4 people picked the newcomer Holett to beat the guy who hs actually managed to hang with the elites of the division when he was still active. (1) VicDundee is again our usual suspect to do this. Of course, since we're talking of upsets, we have to factor in (2) P-Dub. Then from a champion, we have seen how (3) Agar has fallen and this latest pick showed to us how he lost that touch. Lastly, I have all praises for (4) Scottidog for picking Cub against Aloe Vera but then Scotti picked Holett to beat Hamill? Whoa, whoa, whoa.

The Scores:

  • Rolandando took home the proverbial bacon this event scoring a high of 75 points. He got 8/12 correct picks and got full points for Bisping, Vinny, Person and Matt Hammill. Still making the free-pool alumni proud Roland. Best of luck to you.
  • The Pride gets to be the second fiddle scoring 69 points getting only half corect picks (6/12) but he got full points on the hot bout, Hammill, Bisping and Grant. With his extremely high score and almost doubling my score, Pride gets to eliminate me in TSB's pool. Good job Andrew. You're also a good writer, keep it up child.
  • Rookie letstalkmma, another free pool alumni, gets 3rd place scoring 67 points on 7/12 correct picks but getting full points on Hamill, Grant, Magalhaes and Bisping. Good job. Now we are sure that we can talk MMA with you.
  • Bottom-dweller of the event is no other than donkeypunch who managed to just pick 8 fights and got only points on Bisping (11) and Gagnon (7). Donkey, you will get a sig of shame from Rolandando. Prepare to wear it.

The rest of the scores:

Camp Rank Points Player Picks
1 75 Rolandando View Picks
2 69 thepride View Picks
3 67 letstalkmma View Picks
4 64 unambig View Picks
5 62 Ulf_Murphy View Picks
6 60 kg12 View Picks
6 60 SanabriaMan View Picks
8 59 wyldeman99 View Picks
9 56 Rilly View Picks
10 55 freenow82 View Picks
10 55 ShivanTiger View Picks
12 54 Amos14 View Picks
13 52 Scottidog View Picks
14 51 BNF View Picks
15 48 P-Dub View Picks
15 48 Aussie View Picks
15 48 ohmamadoes View Picks
18 47 Two_Words View Picks
18 47 Jido7 View Picks
20 46 Joben View Picks
20 46 goldmouth View Picks
20 46 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura View Picks
23 45 kimuralloverurface View Picks
24 44 scarnon View Picks
24 44 NNR View Picks
26 42 ricky-dooby View Picks
27 39 Phasebook View Picks
28 37 Yan117 View Picks
28 37 Dlocc View Picks
30 35 CDSmid View Picks
31 32 Sombrero View Picks
32 29 ViolentMike View Picks
33 26 Agar View Picks
34 23 jayw27 View Picks
35 21 VicDundee View Picks
36 18 donkeypunch81 View Picks

The scores after two (2) events:

  • Rolandando now leads the pack with 134 points.
  • He is closely followed by fellow free pool alumni, letstalkmma who has 132 points.
  • Third is first event winner Sanabriaman who is also close to the two with 130 points.
  • The biggest gainer is definitely Ulf_Murphy who went from dead last for event 1 to climb up 24 notches.
  • Honorable mentions go to: wydeman, Shiv, Rilly, Amos, Aussie, Amos14, Scottidog, P-Dub, Joben, scarnon and ohmamadoes for remarkable upper movements in the chart.
  • The biggest loser (not the show bastard) is jay going down 16 notches. ViolentMike gets honorable mention for going down 14 notches. Ouch.
  • This is just after two (2) events so it is still everyone's ball game. Good luck with all your picks next week.

The rest of the scores:
MMA Playground season 14: Fortnight of Pain
2 / 10 events complete
Rank Points Player Movement
1 134 Rolandando Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
2 132 letstalkmma Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
3 130 SanabriaMan Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
4 129 kg12 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
5 123 thepride Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
5 123 unambig Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-0
6 110 BNF Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium1
7 104 freenow82 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
8 103 Rilly Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium9
9 102 wyldeman99 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium11
10 98 ShivanTiger Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium11
11 97 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium +/-0
12 96 Amos14 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium13
13 93 Ulf_Murphy Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium24
13 93 Jido7 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
13 93 kimuralloverurface Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
14 92 Two_Words Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
15 91 Phasebook Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium5
16 89 Aussie Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium13
16 89 goldmouth Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
16 89 Scottidog Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium19
17 88 P-Dub Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium16
17 88 Dlocc Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium6
18 87 Joben Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium11
19 86 ricky-dooby Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
19 86 NNR Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
20 85 jayw27 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium16
20 85 scarnon Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium9
21 84 CDSmid Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium8
22 83 ViolentMike Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium14
23 80 ohmamadoes Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium13
24 78 Yan117 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
25 75 Sombrero Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
26 67 VicDundee Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium8
27 65 Agar Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium7
28 60 donkeypunch81 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
29 45 c-war Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
30 42 Deuce02 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium5

Bonus of the event:

I am giving you Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC) ring-girl Abby Poblador.







If you have some questions, comments or you just want to piss me or fuck us off, then please feel free to do so.

See you all next week and don't forget your picks for Struve-Miocic!

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