UFC 152 results: Matt Hamill dominates Roger Hollett en route to decision win

Photo of Matt Hamill by Esther Lin/MMA Fighting.

The UFC 152: "Jones vs. Belfort" event tonight (Sat., Sept. 22, 2012) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, featured the return of "The Hammer," Matt Hamill, who came out of retirement after more than a year away from the fight game to battle Roger Hollett.

It would be unfair to refer to Hollett as simply a sacrificial lamb for Hamill in his big return to the Octagon but a spade is a spade and that's likely what he was meant to be. His five-fight win streak coming into his UFC debut gave him the credibility to get here, though.

But not enough to make him even a little bit competitive.

Indeed, Hamill absolutely dominated the fight from open to close, pillar to post. He walked him down, he landed punches at will, he took him down and beat on him; he basically just had his way with "The Hulk."

It's just too bad the bout was such a snoozefest and so poorly received by those in attendance up north.

Hamill, rust be damned, came out with a head of steam, pumping a jab in Hollett's face and walking him down with no respect for any offense that may come in return. It did but in the form of looping punches that were easy to block and avoid any real damage from.

After three minutes or so, Hamill decided to take Hollett to the ground and did so with ease. Then it was Ground-N-Pound city and "The Hammer" was the mayor. Surprisingly enough, "The Hulk" survived the onslaught and got back to his feet to land a few punches before the horn sounded on the opening round.

Not dead yet.

Hamill started the second verse same as the first and eventually took his opponent down. He didn't do much from there, though, and Hollett got back to his feet, where the fans showered the cage with boos.

For a fight involving a deaf guy. Well played, Toronto.

Hamill quelled some late boos with a big slam to close the second stanza and it was painfully obvious that Hollett would need a finish to win the fight.

Guess what happened in round three? Oh, you don't care? No one else did either.

Hamill is back!

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