Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 results and live blog for episode 2 TONIGHT (Sept. 21) on FX

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It's back, it's back, oh dear god, it's back.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) returns TONIGHT (Fri., Sept. 21, 2012) for episode two of the once great reality television show's 16th season on its loving home on the FX channel at 10 p.m. ET.

The season premiere last week spanned two hours and featured the usual 16 fights to see who would make their way into the house to be coached by either Shane Carwin or Roy Nelson, who are leading a team of lightweights and welterweights to the final in December.

The teams have been chosen and now the first elimination fight will take place. But before that can happen, the house is already thrown into turmoil. Typical TUF guy stuff.

A complete live blog with full results from the show is after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Typical recap of the first episode to bring us back up to date.

Off we go.

The fighters mark out for the huge house they'll be living in while lamenting the fact that they have to live in it with a bunch of sweaty hogs taking up space and eating up all the food.

Meanwhile, the two Canadians sit down and have a meal together. They've even got a bottle of wine while they bond over their mutual hatred of being away from their loved ones.


Off to the gym for training session number one with Team Carwin. Coach Shane says he was nervous about signing up for the gig if only because he's worried about doing well. He's an academic as well as a physical performance artist.

Or some shit like that.

Trevor Wittman and Pat Barry teach these young whippersnappers how to punch before Carwin gives them a pep talk.

Now it's time for "Big Country" and his gang of misfits to hit the gym. Nelson immediately says they won't be doing two-a-days but rather one big training session. This leads to complaints from a lot of the team, who all talk about how they're used to training so much more than Nelson is asking of them.

Guess who has the biggest gut amongst all these guys? You got it.

Up next, Nelson makes the first elimination fight of the season.

It will be Neil Magny vs. Cameron Diffley.

We've already got beef once they go back to the house. Julian Lane, he of the pink hair, is getting into it with Matt Secor over ... uh ... something. Secor is shitting on Lane for having pink hair while Lane is all over Secor for having a black eye.

Intriguing stuff!

Back at the gym and Team Carwin is going crazy over the match-up. They can't believe Nelson would make a match-up like this, seeing as it is so good for their squad. This leads to a bash Roy Nelson party. Nothing is off limits, from his poor diet, to his training regime and his scraggly beard.

Poor guy.

Now we learn more about Magny, who had a hard life but was saved by MMA. He was going to go into the armed forces but put his life on hold to pursue a combat career. This story is interspersed with training inside the Octagon with Wittman and Carwin, who both laud Magny for his power while working on his range. Learning how to use that could be key to winning this fight.

"I think he dominates all aspects of this fight," Wittman remarks.

Back at the house and Lane is plotting a prank with flour rigged over the door so when the unsuspecting victim walks in the house, he's doused with the thick white substance. All the guys in the house are laughing on totally on board with this.

We get to Team Carwin returning and it's finally time to see this thing go down. Team Nelson gets in position to watch the horror.

Only one guy gets it and it's Mike Ricci, one of the two Canadians in the house. He finds a few members of Team Nelson and dumps the remaining flour in the bucket on them.

Everyone laughs, except the viewer at home.

Back to the gym for training with Diffley, who tells his story. He hails from "The Fight Capital of the World." He was actually a teacher before a fighter but once he discovered jiu-jitsu, that's all there was to it, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

He drops another reference to the fact that he was a jiu-jitsu coach with Forrest Griffin, which is like the eighth time he's said that in five minutes of TV time.

Nelson feels like Diffley will pick him apart on the ground -- he was a jiu-jitsu coach for Forrest Griffin, remember -- but Magny will try to keep it standing. So it's a stylistic match-up and Nelson says he doesn't want to overdue anything, he just wants to let Diffley be himself.

We get a few final words on the fight from the two competitors and now it's finally fight day.

You know what is truly compelling television? Watching a guy get his hands wrapped. Fascinating stuff.

Final words from the coaches, fighters and even UFC President Dana White.

"Show 'em they made a mistake," Carwin tells Magny before he talks the walk to the cage.

No words of encouragement from Nelson, or at least none that we're privvy to. That may have been editing by the folks at FX or even the UFC.

Time to fight.

Before they get busy, Carwin reveals he won't be in Magny's corner because he wants to give his guys the best shot to win and he's got a coaching staff better suited for such things.

Here we go.

Neil Magny vs. Cameron Diffley (170-pound limit)

Round one: Magny aggressive early, walking down Cameron and popping a jab. Diffley looks a bit uncomfortable on his feet and Team Carwin alerts Magny to expect the shot real soon. Solid outside leg kick lands for Neil. Front kick from Diffley is caught and he's pushed down but Magny doesn't follow. Cameron gets back to his feet but eats a big right hand. They show Nate Marquardt in Magny's corner, along with Wittman. Meanwhile, Diffley finally shoots two minutes in and pushes Magny against the cage. Neil gets away but Diffley shoots again and gets down enough to grab an arm. He quickly transitions to a kneebar but Magny keeps fighting. Now Diffley's got an ankle lock but Magny survives again and the round ends with Diffley on top.

Round two: The advice between rounds is simple -- Magny needs to keep range, Diffley needs to take him down and get top position, where he's dominant. Magny gets in with punches that land nicely and Cameron shoots in return. Magny ends up on top but it isn't long before Diffley is once again working a leg lock, then an ankle lock. Neither work and they go back to the feet, where Magny starts picking him apart. Diffley's corner is begging for a double leg but he looks gassed. With a minute left, Diffley has Magny on the floor and they're battling hard but Neil is winning here too. He advances position and then stands back up. Magny controls the fight from there and pours it on a bit after hearing the hammer for the final 10 seconds.

Final result: Neil Magny def. Cameron Diffley via unanimous decision

The scores were 20-18 across the board. That's fair but round one was closer than it looks based on the cards.

Team Carwin - 1
Team Nelson - Egg

In the locker room, Nelson is telling the team they need to listen to him and do what he says and not what they think they should do. That's pretty funny, actually. Meanwhile, Carwin is bringing in pros and letting them do their thing with it.

This might be a recurring theme here, Team Carwin celebrating and happy while Team Nelson sits dejected and gets chewed out by a guy who doesn't train half as hard as they do.

That's it for this week.

See you in seven, Maniacs.

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