Brown Star is BACK - UFC 152 Edition


Main Event fighters on the left, Spot for Jon Jones' signature on the right... via

Now the dust has settled, we come to a point in time where title matches that mean something are a thing of the past. Welcome to UFC 152 weekend Brownstars! Seriously some exciting matchups this weekend – maybe not in reality – but some decent Brownstar Fantasy bouts!

First off I do want to recap what COULD have been – Dan Henderson (The Scarnon Collective) vs Jon Jones (Scotti’s Dogs) was going to be THE matchup of the Brownstar league so far. Couple that fight with a couple of side bets floating around it was going to be a great event! In fact – so great – that I made the fanpost early about it... And then Dana White made a phone call that tore through my rectum.

Chael fucking Sonnen, Jon... It was Chael fucking Sonnen, Jon! Way to look like a pussy Mr Jones...

Moving onto the event that is finally coming around(I’m still waiting for Vitor’s injury...) we have had some changes in the pool so before I look into the matchups this weekend I need to clarify what’s going down. A few free agents have been picked up since the last event we had – Full list is as follows:


The Pride:

Jacob Volkmann OUT
Jimy Hettes IN

Team Tap or Snap:

Josh Koscheck OUT
Simeon Thoresen IN

Scotti's Dogs

Chael Sonnen OUT
Rousimar Palhares IN

The Scarnon Collective

Nick Diaz OUT
Kyle Noke IN

Team Toad

Igor Pokrajac
Hector Lombard

As you may have noticed, Team Toad is listed with a substitution "to be announced" – This is due to that motherfucker having 2 LHWs in the one EVENT! Damn Toad – You gotta strip one down! The way I see it, and this is open for discussion below, is that Toad will need to drop either Vitor Belfort or Igor Pokrajac in favour for a MW as he currently has no MW. I know it’s a tricky situation and I have only just realised in putting this post together that someone had picked Vitor Belfort. Scottidog jumped the gun with his team and dropped Chael Sonnen before he even had a fight announced at 205 as he wanted to avoid a situation like this... Cunning bastard he is!

EDIT: Wisetoad has elected to drop Igor Pokrajac in favour of keeping Vitor Belfort at 205 and has picked up Hector Lombard at 185 as a replacement.

So I have re uploaded the current team lists to Photobucket and have linked the full list just below.



Leading into this event the correct leadership table is below:



The crazy ass matchups for UFC 152 are as follows:

WW Kyle Noke (The Scarnon Collective) vs Charlie Brenneman
WW Seth Baczynski vs Simeon Thoresen (Team Tap or Snap)
FW Jimy Hettes (The Pride) vs Marcus Brimage

First fight on the card we have a Scarnon collective newcomer Kyle Noke taking on the Story killer, Charlie Brennemen in an awesome first fight of the card! The next Brown Star fighting is Simeon Thoresen, another newcomer for Team Tap or Snap, against Seth Baczynski in a fight which should resemble DYN-O-MITE! The Pride has another newly recruited free agent in Jimy Hettes going to war against Marcus Brimage... What can I say – enjoy your points fella!

LHW Igor Pokrajac (FORMERLY Team Toad) vs Vinny Magalhaes

Moving along, with the last fight on FX, here we have a tricky one... Igor Pokrajac MAY be a free agent or he MAY be Toad’s.... I would personally prefer Toad drops him – I think the main event is a better Brown Star fight ;)

EDIT: Igor Pokrajac is now listed as a free agent.

MW Michael Bisping (Team Joben) vs Brian Stann (Phase by the Books)

Onto the CO co main event of the evening which should be CO main event to the REAL MAIN EVENT of Joey Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson, we have Michael Bisping of Team Joben taking on Brian Stann of Phase by the Books... THIS my friends is going to be a CRACKER! Good luck to both of you guys as I think someone’s losing points here...

LHW Jon Jones (Scotti's Dogs) vs Vitor Belfort (Team Toad)

Now – Here is the Ultimate FARCICAL Championship LHW title fight: One of Scotti’s Dogs – Jon Jones is set to take on Team Toad’s VITOR BELFORT! I’m not mentioning anything more of my distaste for this fight other than I hope Toad gets 7 points for this one....

Speaking of points, here is the scoring we are working with:

5 points for a win
5 bonus points for the CHALLENGER beating the CHAMPION in a title fight
2 points for a finish
2 points for a draw
1 point for Fight of the Night (whether your guys wins or loses)
-2 points for a loss
-3 points for getting finished
-1 point for getting finished in a title fight
Contender fight rule SCRAPPED by democratic vote

Enjoy the weigh ins guys – dont forget to make your playground picks if you’re in a pool – and make sure you have plenty of beer for Saturday night because I think the first 11 fights(besides Hamill scraping out a decision) will be amazing!

Quick note:

Now – what the fuck happened to Ulf’s league?! The fanpost was left with Deuce to make his pick and now its just dead.... We gonna spark that shit up with old man Ulf for this event?!

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