UFC 152 Main Card - Predictions Rumble

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Cub Swanson vs Charles Oliveira

Of the "non-big" fights (bispingstann, jonesbelfort,) this is the one I am looking forward to the most. Two fighters that come to fucking FINISH. Spectacularly. Headkicks, triangles, jumping guillotines, non-stop pace. This fight has fight of the night all over it. Swanson's got the edge in striking, Oliveira in the ground game. Maybe not just grappling wise, but mma wise, the way Oliveira can chain submissions is beautiful. Iono man... I am so fucking pumped for this fight. Anyone named Cub Swanson I'm pulling for, but fuck Do Bronx's adequate striking, offensive sub game and just being a lanky ass fighter. Do Bronx by beautiful chain linked submission.

Matt Hamill vs Roger Hollet

I'll be honest. I don't know shit bout Roger Hollet. I didn't even know he won in Bellator and was suppose to be in the LHW tournament. Was really looking forward to seeing The Janitor Vladimir Matyushenko gives The Hammer a good return, but god damn injuries. Hollet get's REBOOKED, and from what I see from his record, he finishes fights, and lost to some decent but not great competition (ex-ufc fighter and forever Babalu Sobral's Anaconda bitch, Lew Polley the black dude that was beefing with JDS on the ultimate fighter and Emmanuel Newton, who should have been in the Bellator LHW final). So I see this as an easy night for Matt Hamill, mighit even win by TKO. He will forever have a place in my heart for not only being deaf, by decapitating The Filipino Overrated Machine with a Rashad Evans-esque, Sean Salmon style decapitation headkick, Joe. Hamill by very unanimous decision or ground n pound tko

Michael Bisping vs Brian Stann

Right off the bat, I gotta say Bisping looked AMAZING against Sonnen. I didn't want Bisping to win, so I was happy with the Sonnen decision, but shit, despite being taken down, Bisping's got some of the best takedown defence in MMA. But, I don't see Bisping having to use any of that this fight. The last time I remember Bisping using his takedown offense was after being rocked by Denis Kang all the back at UFC 105. It'd be wise if he does that against Stann, but I think he's gonna keep it standing unless he gets dropped or loses the round, like against Kang. He's stood with strikers Wanderlei, Hendo, Sexyama and Leben and I expect him to do the same against The All-American. And that will be his downfall. Stann's knocking Bisping the fuck out and this isn't some biased prediction either. I like Bisping, but once Stann hurts Bisping, which he will (Sexy fucking yama, rocked Bisping in round 1) Stanns going to finish him. Only two men have been able to actually (T)KO Chris Leben. Anderson Silva and Brian Stann. Now I ain't saying Stanns striking is on Silva's level cause its not. Nobody's is. But that's what I call a pretty fucking good measure of his power. Stann by Knockout

Joseph Benavidez vs Demetrious Johnson

I don't hate flyweights. I love that the UFC implemented this weight class. But, I really wish it were two guys that dropped down from 135 and two guys that fought for the BW title before. I don't know why, guess I was really pulling for Uncle Creepy. Plus, the first Mcall/Johnson fight was bullshit, absolute utter bullshit. Ehhh whatever though... This should be an exciting back n forth scrap. Benavidez is better than Johnson at everything except for speed. I really, really don't want Benavidez as champion, so I'm pulling for Demetrious. But, Benavidez is probably going to be able to take Might Mouse down again and again, and despite Might Mouse scrambling back to his feet will be a Joseph Benavidez 49-46 Decision Victory or a bullshit Benavidez Split Decision win. Either one, I'm not gonna be happy.

Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort

Jesus Fucking Christ. That seemed fitting for these dudes. Pedigree wise Jones' last 4 fights is immaculate. Adding Vitor to that list is just amazing. Like I stated before in a previous post I'd put down 10 dollars and half a tity on Vitor. But, I'd most likely lose those products. I mean Vitor's got a chance, like how Rampage, Rashad, Shogun, Machida all had a shot. In fact, I think they all had a decent chance, but in the end Jon's reach, wrestling, calmness will prevail. I just haven't seen anyone even come close to finishing Jon or put him in a dangerous position. If Shogun took Jon's back instead of going for leg locks, that would have probably been the most danger Jon has ever been in an MMA fight. Actually, scratch that Stephen Twitter Fights Bonnar was the man that tested Jon the most, but that was the Jon Jones before we KNEW who Jon Jones really was... A awkward ass-fake humbleness-has good intentions-but just fucks up his words to fucking often unstoppable force. So, like all of them, Vitor will put up a fight, but will be finished. Jones via I don't fucking know, but I'll be impressed

Recap of my picks: I suggest everyone find a loved one and bet something of importance of theirs on these guarantees.

Jones, Joe-B, Stann, Hamill, Do Bronx, Vinny, Evan Dunham, Benoist, Jimy, Thoresen, Walel, Noke

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