UFC 152 Prelims - Predictions Rumble

Kyle Noke vs Charlie Brennenman

CB is exactly the kind of fighter I hate. I don't like Jones' "personality" but god damn. Charlie you got no right to talk shit to him. Unless you're getting your choked or rocked (Rumble, Hendricks, E.Silva thank you) you are worse than Jon Fitch. Fuck man Hendricks knocked you down like 5 times. Very enjoyable. Just go away. Noke by RNC round 3, followed with your release to MFC or whereever, go coach wrestling or something. I love Aussies.

Mitch Gagnon vs Walel Watson

Neutral here, but I got Watson in this one. The gazelle has long ass arms and height for a fucking BANTAMWEIGHT. 5'11. Decent ground game, good stand up. I thought he beat Jabouin easily and I think after Dilashaw wins a few more fights people are gonna look at that lost as a testament to Walel's durability. He took a shitload of damage in that one. Anyone who loses to Brian Cupcake Caraway is not UFC calibre. Even though I got big big HUGE respect for him banging Miesha. I think Caraway had that damaged feel and Miesha has it too, but Miesha felt like she could save him, or whatever. In a potential fight of the night... Walel The Gazzelle by some sort of guillotine, d'arce anaconda choke

Seth Baczynski vs Simeon Thoresen

Again neutral here. Two guys I really like. Damn, I'm feeling this Card already and I'm only on the FB Prelims. Ever since, Seth returned from being cut he's looked like a different fighter. Not the most athletic dude, but at 170 he's a tough fight for anyone. Last fight with Benoist was really close, could have gone either way. IIRC Seth's pretty good everywhere, but lacks that explosiveness. Something which I think Thoresen has, more specifically, explosive grappling. Two welterweights that could fight at 185 if they wanted here. The Grin (different nickname and I like that) looked pretty good on the Sweden card, a lil wild with his striking, but he reminds me of Zoro Moreira and I'm confident Simeon's striking has progressed enough that he wont get knocked out before it goes to the ground. The Grin by heel hook or a 29-28 decision, I think some pulling guard is coming this fight at least in the first round

Jimy Hettes vs Marcus Brimage

Okay, okay, okay! This is where it starts getting fine as fuck. This card's FX prelims is STACKED like the UFC 146 one. And it starts off with one of my favorite fighters, Jimy Hettes. Normally, I'd bomb on somone who spells "Jimmy" with one "m" but Hettes gets a pass. I think he'll either be a top 8ish FW or the Joe Lauzon-lite of FW. He showed some real submission awareness jumping on that RNC against Bruce Leroy and absolutely fucking up Nam Phan like a rich tourist would if Nam Phan was a Vietnamese prostitute instead of a fighter. Brimage got a pretty good personality, really southernized. A saw him heating things up with Rampage. They dig each other. But fuck, he looked like shit even in victory. The most telling sign was when he got dropped against Stephen Bass. He likes to strike, but I just don't think he's good enough at it to be JUST a striker. But, those backflip tumbles with Blanco was pretty sick. If Brimage does one backflip during a fight, he'll have a fan for life. (*Cough* Whitemare Zaromskis) Hettes by tko or submission depending on what he feels like... Sidenote: Anyone else dislike for Nam Phan stem from how he reacted like a teen caught with his pants down?

Sean Pierson vs Lance Benoist

Lets be honest here. Sean Pierson is not UFC calibre. He's a cop. The popo and I aint talking bout that gangster Mr. Popo. If he didn't have a Canadian flag next to his name, I doubt he would be here. Sure he beat super retard Matt Striker Riddle, in a highly overrated fight of the night (Dana wanted to give this FoTN to these guys at the fan-voted UFC 124, but that card had no deserving FoTN). Lance Benoist despite losing to Riddle is much better than him and Jake Hecht. A Matt Riddle that uses takedowns is a threat. I'm predicting a Benoist victory, but a performance where Pierson is able to show something of substance is gonna piss me. Ellenberger style ko please. People are going to open there eyes at Benoist's striking after this.

TJ Grant vs Evan Dunham

I'm fine with Matt Hamill taking Dunham's spot on the main card. Just because I get to see Evan do his thing earlier. But I'm not taking anything away from Grant, a Canadian fighter I actually respect. I admit after Stun Gun Kim shot his grappling load all over Grant and he couldn't do SHIT! I thought he was just another Canadian guy getting in the UFC for that reason. But DAMN, since the drop to Lightweight he's out grappled to pretty solid grapplers, Roller and Prater. Building a nice 2 win streak, too bad he's facing Evan Dunham. Gonna be a long night for Grant. Dunham's gonna stuff all his takedowns, light him up on the feet and 3-D (just an awful nickname) TKO round 3

Igor Pokrajac vs Vinny Magalhaes (That was 2 bitches to spell... had to look it up and everything)

I haven't seen a guy with less impressive FINISHES than Igor. It just feels like all the guys he's finished just was too easy + looked ugly doing it. Then he does that against Maldonado. I don't know what to make of it. Fabio needs 5 round fights. Obligatory Vinny on Miesha/Brian Tate tweet

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>RT @<a href="">vinnymma</a>: What do you say to Bryan Caraway if you see him with 2 black eyes? Nothing, Miesha has told him twice already.</p>— Judoka Linker (@judokalinker) <a href="" data-datetime="2012-03-03T10:52:44+00:00">March 3, 2012</a></blockquote>

Kind of worried for Vinny though. Joe Silva's giving him a pretty tough test in Igor Pokrajac. I wouldn't bet money on either guy, unless you like coin-toss type things. Saying Vinny's faced sub-par competition would be an understatement. He has looked good in them though. I doubt his striking the way I doubt Werdum's, but Werdum has come a long, long way. Here's hoping Vinny has as well and can get it to the ground (that head kick knock out was not enough to convince me). Vinny by flying reverse omoplata.

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