Five questions for UFC fans

1) Who do you feel is the most overrated UFC fighter?

2) Who do you feel is the most underrated UFC fighter?

3) Who do you feel is the best UFC fighter that has yet to win a UFC Championship?

4) Who is your favorite fighter in the UFC?

5) Who is your least favorite fighter in the UFC?

1 - I feel that Ryan Bader is the most overrated fighter. He won TUF 8 and at was considered a talented, young prospect. Then he ran into Jon Jones. I don't think Bader has improved at all since joining the UFC, and I think he'll always be a middle of the pack guy. He has his wrestling, but outside of that I dont think he presents many dangers. Yes, he has heavy hands, but his stance is so rigid. He doesn't know how to loosen up. The UFC certainly didn't do any favors when they matched him up with Machida. What is his biggest win? Rampage? An unmotivated, out of shape Rampage?

2 - I think, and I'll catch crap for this, that Michael Bisping is the most underrated UFC fighter. He's not a specialist, meaning there isn't one thing that's dominant at. But he's good at just about everything. Everyone can keep bringing up him getting knocked out at UFC 100, which was a little over 3 years ago. He got knocked out. He got knocked the crap out. But he rebounded. And I also had him winning the Chael Sonnen fight, I think he was a victim of the judges on that one.

3 - Who is the best fighter in the UFC that hasn't won a title? I think a majority are going to say either Alistair Overeem or Nick Diaz, all fair answers. But I'm going with Rory MacDonald. The Rory MacDonald that was dominating Carlos Condit at UFC 115 at just 20 years old. If not for a bad stoppage, Condit probaby wouldn't be the current number one contender. This kid is for real. And he's only 23.

4 - My favorite fighter in the UFC is still Forrest Griffin, and its sad to see what's become of him. A lot of people like to look at the Anderson Silva fight as the start of his fall. That very well could be, but I look at his fight with Rashad, where he lost the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. I think since then Forrest has gotten complacent. I think he has the mindset of "Hey, I've been the champion. What else is there for me to do?" He already had the title, and I think he's satisfied with that. He's a former champion, he won the original TUF, he's a big reason the UFC is what it is today, and he's gained a ton of fans. And I think because of that, he just doesn't care anymore. And it sucks.

5 - I really don't hate any UFC fighters, and this is a tough question to answer. But I'm going to go with Chael Sonnen. When Anderson pulled his antics in his Maia fight, it was annoying. And I didn't like him for it. So when Chael started talking, I liked what he had to say. I liked that someone called him out on it. But then he kept talking. And kept talking. And kept talking. And by the time they fought, I was so sick of him. Calling out Silva. Calling out the Light Heavyweight Division. Calling out Brock. It started to get really sad. And when he lost to Silva the first time, it didn't stop. It somehow got worse. From that point he went out and bought a fake belt, put on a solid perfomance against Stann and then looked like crap against Bisping. Is Chael Sonnen a great wrestler? Yes, he is. He is a great mixed martial artist? No, no he's not. And chances are he will never sniff a title shot again. If only he was able to back up all his trash talk, he'd be something special.

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