Anderson Silva vs Alistair Overeem Fantasy Fight Kicks-Off Round 5/ Ultimate Series 10 Tournament Semifinals

The first round of semifinal action in the Ultimate Collector Series 10 MMA Fantasy Contest is set. Can Alistair Overeem, who slid past Marc Coleman in the opening round, figure out a way to outstrike the dynamic striking savant, Anderson Silva?

It's alllll over!

Well, the quarterfinal mixed martial arts (MMA) fantasy match ups in our first-ever Round 5 tournament, anyway, which features seven fighters included in the most recent Ultimate Collector Series 10.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva was the odd man out to start the action, drawing a first round bye for being the baddest ass in the brown box. He patiently awaited the winner of Alistair Overeem and Mark Coleman from their Pride FC heyday.

Overeem, remember, was a slender yet powerful Light Heavyweight striker, while Coleman was a wrestling-minded powerhouse who managed to win the now-defunct Japan-based promotion's first-ever Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament around the turn of the century.

It was close, but the MMAmaniacs votes with their clicks and gave Overeem the edge. "Demolition Man" tallied nearly 60 percent of your votes en route to a close decision win, punching his ticket to a semifinal fight against "The Spider."

That's right, it's now Anderson Silva vs. Alistair Overeem. Dreamy.

This bout is scheduled for three rounds, with the winner poised to advance to the finals to take on the winner of Lyoto Machida vs. Anthony Pettis (more on that showdown tomorrow). Once again, t's up to you to decide who advances by casting your votes below.

Will it be the lethal 185-pound champion who has carved up basically all opposition since entering the Octagon, or will it be "The Rheem," a future K-1 kickboxing champion (remember, he is a Pride fighter in this fantasy tournament) who today is regarded as the best Heavyweight striker in MMA today.

Pick either Silva or Machida to advance, based on their respective skills represented in their Round 5 figurine. To get a closer look at each fighter click here and here. And remember to make your argument for their victory in the comments section after voting in the poll.

You want to win, because winning gets you free stuff. In the meantime, find out more about Ultimate Collector Series 10 and Round 5's products right here.

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