MMAmania FFB Week 2 Recap *** Updated! ***

********************************** Update is at the end ********************************************************************

Week 2 of this young NFL season is almost wrapped up. All we have left is a shootout tonight between the Falcons and Broncos.

So far, this week's top 5 fantasy performers are:

1. Hakeem Nicks (ViolentMike) - 35.90 pts

2. Danny Amendola (GriffinFan) - 35.00 pts

3. Victor Cruz (Joben) - 34.90 pts

4. Reggie Bush (Joben) - 34.70 pts

5. CJ Spiller (ViolentMike) - 32 pts

Nicks is only practicing once a week and is playing thru a foot injury. But he cares not, because he is an absolute beast. Amendola is a PPR stud this year. Cruuuuuuuuuuuz came up big in the Giants comeback win. Reggie Bush is continuing to prove that he is a feature back that can run between the tackles. And CJ Spiller did it again. The kid has big play potential every time he touches the ball.

And now, on to our matchups:

ViolentMike - 170.50

Shivan - 133.33 (Tony Gonazelez)

With Eli having a career day with over 500 yards passing, Hakeem Nicks going beast mode, and CJ Spiller continuing to tear it up as the #1 RB in fantasy football, I was able to defeat Shivan despite a goose egg from Aaron Hernandez who got injured in the first quarter. The highlight for Shivan was Darren Sproles and his 13 receptions out of the backfield. Gonzalez putting up 38 pts is highly unlikely. Shiv, that $20 is payable thru Amazon, thanks.


GriffinFan - 147.27

Ulf Murphy - 102.90 (Peyton Manning)

Ulf is going to need a monster game from Peyton to pull this one off. If he only needed 30, I'd say he has a decent shot, but 45 is just too much to overcome. A win for GriffinFan here would be huge considering that his 3 RB's combined for only 13.10 points. Luckily, he had Amendola torch the Redskins for 15 receptions and 35 fantasy points. Percy Harvin, The Gronk and Phillip Rivers all outperformed their projections as well. As for Ulf, his players pretty much played right in line with their Yahoo projections.


Deuce - 99.37 (Michael Turner)

DetroitDrew - 83.97 (Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, Jacob Tamme)

In this grudge match, it looks like Drew will come out the victor. Deuce had Dwayne Bowe and his big 4th qtr score him 30.20 pts, however, he can blame his loss on Larry Fitzgerald who only scored 1.40 points after being projected to score over 18 against the Patriots' weak pass defense. As for Drew, Stafford continues to struggle and Kenny Britt stunk it up. Trent Richardson had a monster game (30.5 pts) and looks to be the real deal. However, what might be the biggest deal on Drew's team is that Chris Johnson appears to be done. He only scored 4.80 pts this week after gaining a total of 4 rushing yards in week 1. This team could really use Frank Gore right about now…


Buster Bluth - 116.87

BJPennFan - 107.57 (Roddy White)

This one is coming down to the wire. Roddy was questionable for tonight's game, but now looks to be probable. He hasn't missed a game in his career, so there was actually little doubt about whether or not he'll play. But now the question is, just how healthy is he? He is going to need about 9.5 pts to get BJ the win. If I was a betting man, my money would be on Beej. As for yesterday, Buster had RG3 tear shit up, again. Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant and Jamaal Charles all had sub par performances. As for BJ, his backfield of Foster, Lynch, and Ridley is carrying his team.


Kevin - 97.00

donkeypunch - 56.50 (Matt Ryan, Eric Decker, Matt Bryant)

I would say that donkey has about an 80% chance at pulling this off. If not, neither of these fags would be reaching the triple digit mark. If you can't score 100 points, I will not talk about your team. Next!


Puck Head - 143.33

Joben - 130.33 (Willis McGahee)

In this week's closest game thus far, the win/loss is riding on Willis McGahee's shoulders (he is projecting 10.20 pts). Andre Johnson had a disappointing game for Joben, but Cruz and Bush were more than prepared to pick up the slack. As for Puck, Newton had a big day running the ball, and Vernon Davis had a big game against the Lions.


As you can see, the Falcons and Broncos have a lot of fantasy relevant players as all 6 of our matchups depend on tonight's game, although its safest to say that both GriffinFan and myself will be 2-0. Can BJ, donkey and Joben keep pace?




Stopping by pretty quickly here to post the results to our week 2 matchups, the standings, and a look ahead to next week's matchups.

ViolentMike - 170.50

Shivan - 153.33

Tough loss for Shiv, he would have beaten 9 of the 11 teams this week but ends up with an L.

GriffinFan - 147.27

Ulf Murphy - 107.83

In the battle of mania's two biggest Forrest fans, GriffinFan easily holds on for the W

DetroitDrew - 114.57

Deuce - 110.57

Very low scoring affair here. A cheap win for Drew, and he needed it.

Buster Bluth - 116.87

BJPennFan - 131.77

Team BJ is looking strong

Kevin - 97.00

donkypunch - 97.00

What the fuck? A tie? Neither reached 100 points? I don't think I've ever seen anything gayer than that, well, other than Jay's face.

Joben - 156.73

Puck Head - 143.33

In the other high scoring matchup, Joben and Willis McGahee ran away with the win.


So after two weeks, here are the standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
1. ViolentMike 2-0-0 1.000
321.10 257.76 W-2 11 3
5. donkeypunch 1-0-1 .750 1-0-1
241.17 223.63 T-1 8 2
6. Shiv 1-1-0 .500 1-1-0 303.53 306.00 L-1 9 2
7. DetroitDrew1980 1-1-0 .500 1-1-0 241.20 254.74 W-1 10 6
8. Mania's Pete Rose 0-1-1 .250 0-1-1 232.50 247.20 T-1 4 2
12. Deuce02 0-2-0 .000 0-2-0 215.00 265.17 L-2 2 -
Division 2
2. GriffinFan05 2-0-0 1.000 2-0-0 303.17 257.60 W-2 1 1
3. Joben 2-0-0 1.000 2-0-0 287.70 252.66 W-2 3 2
4. BJPennfan 2-0-0 1.000 2-0-0 280.47 236.37 W-2 6 3
9. Buster Bluth 0-2-0 .000 0-2-0 266.64 287.67 L-2 5 2
10. Puck Head 0-2-0 .000 0-2-0 262.83 305.43 L-2 7 2
11. Ulf Murphy 0-2-0 .000 0-2-0 217.16 278.24 L-2 12 6


And lastly, a quick peak at this week's upcoming matchups. I will include the current projected score in parenthesis, but remember, this is before people have adjusted their lineups for the week.

ViolentMike (141.10) vs DetroitDrew (142.44)

A repeat of the Season 1 Super Bowl where I prevailed as champ. Drew, would you like to wager on our matchup?

GriffinFan (134.25) vs BJPennfan (139.73)

Two undefeated teams square off early in the season.

Deuce (133.04) vs Kevin (128.89)

Would you two just hurry up and kiss already?

Buster Bluth (131.75) vs Joben (123.84)

Can Joben keep up his winning ways against a mania FFB original?

Shivan (128.57) vs donkeypunch (116.93)

Is donkey's team falling apart already? Well, wait. Actually, it started falling apart all the way back during round 4 of the draft.

Ulf Murphy (125.42) vs Puck Head (130.23)

Luckily, one of these two teams will get their first win of the season.

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