Video: Luke Bergeron stops Matt Laberge at XCP 'Barre Beatdown 2' in Vermont

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This past Saturday night (Sept. 15, 2012) I fought for Xtreme Combat Promotions at their show "Barre Beatdown 2" from the Barre Municipal Auditorium in Vermont.

I fought at 170 pounds and had an urge to make my presence known.

The weigh-in was Friday night and before we stepped on the scales, my opponent came to me and told me he was six pounds heavy. I told him I'd still take the fight. We weighed in and officially I was 170.1 while my opponent was 178.6.

The promoter looked at me and asked if I was okay with it and I told her I had no problem with fighting.

Saturday morning I woke up an hour before my alarm, having a hard time breathing and with a fever and I was none too pleased about that. I loaded up on medicine and made my way off to work for a couple of hours. Once I finished what I needed to do, I went home and napped for a couple of hours and woke up feeling a little better but still far from 100 percent.

Two of the guys I train with also fought, one being the first fight of the evening.

After the rules meeting, I wrapped his hands and he got warmed up. I didn't watch his fight as I didn't want to spend any extra energy. He won via submission (rear naked choke) in the second round. My other teammate was in the first bout after intermission and I didn't watch his fight either, but he won in the first round by guillotine choke.

I was co-main event and I felt pretty good as I was getting warmed up.

My fever seemed to have subsided and I could breathe well enough that I didn't have to keep my mouth open. That was about as good as I was gonna get and I knew I had to get out there and get right to business or I was gonna risk having my cardio fail me.

That's exactly what I did.

I backed him up with a double jab and then connected with a cross that landed flush. As soon as it landed he backed himself into the fence and covered up and I kept finding openings. I heard my corner yell "KNEES!" and I immediately clinched him up and fed two to his ribcage. That was the beginning of the end for him.

Click here for full event highlight video.

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