Dana White: Greg Jackson is a businessman who cons fighters


Oh boy, here we go again.

UFC president Dana White met today with reporters inside UFC headquarters, and once again Dana White went off on Jon Jones, and his trainer Greg Jackson.

Dana White has not been in the prettiest of moods lately since for the first time in UFC history they had to canceled an event. Since then Dana White has made Jon Jones, and his trainer Greg Jackson public enemy number 1. provided the following transcripts.

Dana White first went off on Jon Jones "I'm a piece of meat" comment.

The Jon Jones piece of meat fucking thing. When I see him in fucking Toronto, that's the first fucking thing we're going to talk about. Piece of meat? Give me a fucking break. That sounds like something a male supermodel would say: I feel like a piece of meat out here. That pisses me off worse than fucking canceling the event. I just heard that one today, Jim Rome told me that.

During the interview, Dana was asked if he takes responsibility for UFC 151 cancellation? Dana responded:

Every time somebody asks me if I take responsibility for canceling UFC 151 on fucking Twitter, it's like yeah, how's it my fault? If somebody can even try to give me an idea of how that's my fault that 151 got canceled, I would love to hear it. Dan Henderson should have told me three weeks before that his fucking knee was hurt, and maybe I could have saved it. And Jon Jones should have fought fucking Chael Sonnen. And his fucking goofy trainer should have kept his face shut.

During Dana recent rant, Greg Jackson was not spared.

Dana went on to say:

The thing that drives me crazy about Greg Jackson is Greg Jackson has this whole little thing where he's the nicest guy in the world, the nicest guy you've ever met. Real quiet and humble. He's a fucking hardcore businessman. That's what that guy is. He plays the whole thing with Jon and Rashad and fucking Jardine and all these guys 'We're all family, we're all brothers. We're a big family here and that's what we are. We won't fight each other because we're family. Fuck you're not family. You train together. Yes they like each other. There's a lot of nice guys in MMA. Keith Jardine is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Rashad is cool too. This sport is full of nice guys. But Greg plays this card with these guys. The only reason we even know who Greg Jackson is cause of fucking Diego Sanchez. Diego Sanchez came out of his camp because of GSP. GSP wanted to come train at Jackson's camp and Diego was like fuck that shit. This is my house, man. I'm going to have to fight this guy one day. What did Greg Jackson do? GSP down there isn't he. You know why because he believed GSP would fucking beat Diego Sanchez. He made a business decision. I will take him over him. What happened to fucking family?

Dana continued,

Who could be more family to you than fucking Diego Sanchez, the kid's been with you since he was fucking 14 years old. What happened to family, Greg, you fucking family-guy you. Then you got Rashad Evans, Rashad Evans was with him the second-longest other than Diego Sanchez. That's his brother, we're brothers. He's my family. He's this, that and everything else. Jon Jones wanted to come train there and comes in and everything is cool. Who the fuck did Greg Jackson pick? He picked the guy who he thought would beat Rashad Evans, no matter how fucking long Rashad Evans had been with him. He made a fucking business decision. He's a businessman, he's a asshole, he's a fucking con artist.

After calming down a bit, Dana did went on to say that coaches are important in a fighters life.

Let me be fair. It's good to have a trainer whom you respect. To keep you in fucking line, that you don't run the fucking show. To keep you in order, and you respect him enough to run a camp. And have his shit together to keep your life organized and focused and ready for a fucking fight and can breakdown the fight and do all this other stuff.

Seems Greg is not that type of coach to his fighters. Dana went on to explain the type of coach Greg Jackson really is.

But Greg Jackson is a fucking businessman who cons all these guys into this family bullshit. Because it would be the perfect fucking world if I can have Diego, GSP, Rashad, Jon Jones and a list of other fucking characters who don't have to fight each other because they're all the best in the world. And if they don't ever have to fucking fight each other, he makes money from all of these guys. Big money, because these are all big-money fighters. He's full of shit is what he is.

Dana went on to say that when he first heard that Dan Henderson was injured, and wouldn't be able to fight at UFC 151. He immediately called Jon Jones, and after their conversation it seemed like Jon Jones was eager to fight Chael Sonnen.

I was driving off the freeway, I had just landed and called him and told him what Sonnen said and he fucking laughed. Jones initial reaction. It wasn't like: Whoa fuck this might be the biggest mistake of my fucking career. I thought we had a fucking fight. He was laughing and was like 'Alright I'm going to call my team and call you back in a little while. And then they call back and it was a completely different fucking story. It was the genius Greg Jackson that talked him out of the fight. Talked him out of fighting Chael Sonnen on eight days fucking notice, yet fighting Vitor Belfort off a full fucking camp. Ok, we were gonna fight Dan Henderson, guy's got fucking knockout power, great wrestling, a good chin, tough fucking guy. Now here's Chael Sonnen on eight days notice and he's a fucking 185 pounder, coming in with no camp whatsoever. And you heard what they said: he's a southpaw. Vitor Belfort a fucking southpaw. And hits fucking harder, and is faster and more explosive. So you're gonna fucking say no to him on eight days notice but fight Vitor. It's so stupid that it gets me angry.

Dana was finally asked if the UFC business relationship with Jon Jones can be fixed.

I don't know, we'll see how our talk goes. We've proven you don't have to best friends to work here. But it's not a good idea to have a horrible relationship with us either. I get mad all the time and shit happens, but the voice of reason in the next office over here. If you can get along with him than I'm cool with that. We run a business. Lorenzo was really pissed. Like I said pissing me off is one thing, I'm always pissed off. But he's never pissed off. You start getting to the point where you're pissing him off, then …

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