Canelo Alvarez vs Josesito Lopez results and live fight coverage TONIGHT (Sept. 15) in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 05: Canelo Alvarez walks to the ring to take on Shane Mosley for their WBC super welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 5, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Tonight (Sept. 15, 2012) from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, there's a fantastic double-header of boxing to whet the appetites of combat sports fans suffering from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) withdrawal.

Among them is Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (40-0-1) -- the WBC light middleweight champion (also known as junior middleweight) -- taking on Josesito Lopez (30-4, 1 NC). Canelo is the number three-ranked boxer in Ring's rankings in the weight class behind Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto, while Lopez is looking for some type of "Rocky" upset moment.

That's because Alvarez was originally set to fight Ring Top 10 Super Welterweight, and former Welterweight Champion, Paul Williams. As you're probably aware of, Paul was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident back in late May of this year, so that fight was obviously cancelled. Then, the idea was that he'd face former WBC welterweight title holder Victor Ortiz (he of the unguarded decking by Mayweather), but in stepped Lopez. will provide LIVE coverage of the bout, starting with the Showtime broadcast at 10 p.m. ET. Check out our quick results and play-by-play after the jump:

Canelo Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez
Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Daniel Ponce De Leon
Marcos Maidana vs. Jesus Soto Karass
Leo Santa Cruz vs. Eric Morel

Undercard results from Sho Extreme:
Carlos Valcarcel vs. Andres Gutierrez - Gutierrez by UD (6 rounds) 60-54, 59-55, 59-56
Victor Sanchez vs. Francisco Vargas - Vargas by UD (4 rounds) 40-36 x2, 39-37

Main Event undercard results from Showtime:
Leo Santa Cruz vs. Eric Morel - Cruz wins by TKO at the end of round 5. His corner stopped it, saving Morel further punishment. Hell of a slugfest from the bantamweights - Morel got ate up inside with tons of body shots and Cruz just landed combos over and over. Morel was catching a hell of a beating and his corner did him a tremendous favor.

Marcos Maidana vs. Jesus Soto Karass - Maidana wins by TKO, referee stoppage early in the 8th. Kind of amazing fight here. Maidana had two points taken away by referee Kenny Bayless for striking after Bayless had called for breaks from the clinching. Karass also had one point taken away for the same issue. Karass ate a big straight right at the end of the 7th that knocked him on his butt, and Maidana swarmed early in the 8th to take it. Personally, I think the stoppage was a bit early, as Karass wasn't out of it, but too late now.

Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Daniel Ponce De Leon - De Leon by UD (8 rounds, technical decision) 77-74, 79-72 x2. Slowish fight that heated up in the later rounds before the ending by an accidental headbutt. Gonzalez suffered a large cut over his right eye and the doctor stopped it. Personally, the fight was very close, despite what the scorecards read. Malignaggi stated he felt it was 77-74 as well.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez

Round 1: Canelo landing early with lefts. Good hook to the body by Lopez. Canelo lands a right to the jaw. Canelo wins the round 10-9 by my scorecard.

Round 2: Lopez backs Canelo into the ropes and opens up a bit on the champion. Canelo eats the punches and starts to fire back, hitting Lopez hard, too. Lopez landing more than he did in the first. AND LOPEZ EATS A HUGE LIVER SHOT AND GOES DOWN AT THE END OF THE ROUND! 10-8 Canelo, 20-17 so far.

Round 3: A big uppercut from Canelo and ANOTHER huge liver shot drops Lopez, but this is looking really bad. Lopez is going to go down for good soon if he doesn't get out of the corner. He's game and firing back, but he's not hurting Canelo with his punches - he's just too small for this weight class. Canelo 30-25.

Round 4: Wow. Lopez is just getting housed. As Mauro loves saying, this is all one-way traffic. Lopez got mashed in the family jewels and took a minute to recover. He had a few moments of excitement, but he wasn't landing hard or clean. AGAIN Canelo lands a liver shot at the end of a series of slick combos at the round and Lopez drops again. 10-8 again. 40-33

Round 5: Canelo is stalking a game, but overmatched Lopez. Lopez keeps getting backed into the ropes, and while he's counterpunching well enough, he's eating four for every one he lands. Couple of good shots for Lopez in the final minute. Canelo gets in a nice combo after backing Lopez into the corner and the ref stops it with ten seconds left in the round!

Final result: Your winner by TKO with 10 seconds left in round 5, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

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