Dana White: How was Jon Jones the 'piece of meat' feeling when we bought him a Bentley?

Photo by @Jonnybones via Twitter

The proverbial dead horse isn't dead just quite yet, so yes, we're going to beat it a bit longer.

When Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones finally spoke out about all the criticism he was receiving following the UFC 151 fallout, one of the things he revealed is how he felt like a 'piece of meat' by the way he was being blasted by the ZUFFA higher ups:

"I just thought I meant a lot more to him, you know? I really did. I didn't really look at him like a boss or anything, I just looked at him like a friend, a business partner and I just thought I meant a lot to the UFC and they made me feel like a piece of meat. Like a total piece of meat. He just completely bashed me out and my coach, it was just terrible man, just terrible."

Though both parties have calmed down since, and seem to be getting past the whole ordeal, neither Jones nor UFC President Dana White are taking back anything they said.

Appearing on the The Jim Rome Show (subscription required), White responded to the comment made by "Bones" that the promotion made him feel like meat, in the way only White knows how.

Check it out, after the jump:

"I wonder how the piece of meat was feeling when we bought him the Bentley. I don't know? That statement right there, drives me insane. A year and a half ago nobody knew who Jon Jones was. Now the kid's a multimillionaire and he's got this, that, you know? A piece of meat. Let me tell you, I know some people who are in some jobs that feel like a piece of meat, Jon Jones is far from being one of them."


White reiterated that he and "Bones" will indeed have a sit down next week when the two are in Toronto ahead of Jones' title fight against Vitor Belfort at UFC 152:

"It's gonna happen in eight days. I'm going to Toronto, he's going to be in Toronto, were going to going to go into a room, were going to sit down, and you know, figure this thing out one way or another."

The anticipation is growing.

White went on to say that, at the end of the day, Jones isn't a "bad kid" despite their recent problems:

"To be honest with you, the kid's 23-years old, he's got a ton of money, fame and all of this stuff has come at him so fast, you know? He's gonna make some mistakes and that was definitely a huge mistake. Not only was I upset, but the entire UFC roster of fighters went after him and really ripped him apart and attacked him, too. He made some mistakes, we'll sit down, I mean. He's not a bad guy. He's not a bad kid, I've had a great relationship with him up until this happened. So, he and I will sit down and figure this thing out."

Technically, the UFC didn't purchase the $190,000 2012 Bentley Continental GT luxury car for the 205-pound kingpin, so-to-speak. Jones stated he purchased the vehicle himself after he defeated Quinton Jackson at UFC 135. The UFC did, however, give Jon a $75,000 "Fight of the Night" bonus and paid him $140,000 fight night salary for services rendered at the event.

That's right around $215,000 for you math geniuses.

It's safe to assume White meant that had it not been for Zuffa, Jones wouldn't be in the position to afford the vehicle. Nevertheless, White doesn't appreciate one of his highest paid athletes going on record saying he feels like he's treated like some sort of beef product.

Since then, the Bentley has been totaled following Jon's DUI arrest after crashing into a pole in New York, earlier this year.

How about it Maniacs, what's your take on White's recent comments?

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