Another 'f-----g nerd' arrested for hacking


Looks like JoshTheGod will soon be reunited with an old friend.

Behind bars.

That's because his 15-year-old buddy "Cosmo," one of the "f-----g nerds" who terrorized Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White for his support of anti-piracy bills SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP), was pinched by the FBI for his role in about a zillion cyber crimes earlier this year, including credit card fraud.


Cosmo's job was to socially engineer companies that could provide data about their targets. One of their initial targets was website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship-in retaliation for its support of SOPA. Once Cosmo gathered the necessary background information on UFC's president, Dana White, they were able to get into the company's account with Network Solutions. Via Network Solutions, they redirected the DNS to one they controlled. Bang.

Another UGNazi is now facing a law enforcement tribunal.

"Anonymous" hackers recently shut down the website, prompting ZUFFA's legal eagles to get the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and part of the Department of Homeland Security involved. The Federal Bureau of Investigation; however, was already on the job.

Two down, two million to go.

For more background on nerd warfare click here.

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