Vitor Belfort: Chael Sonnen is a clown who is giving up on his weight class

Photo of UFC 152's Vitor Belfort by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

This just in: former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight number one contender, Chael Sonnen, isn't on great terms with Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters or the country of Brazil, in general.

It's a shocking development, I know. Try to collect yourself, if at all possible.

Now that we're on the same page, it won't blow your door off its hinges to know that Vitor Belfort isn't a big fan of Sonnen, either. It may have something to do with the fact that Sonnen recently proclaimed that he, himself, will end up fighting Jon Jones at UFC 152, because he believes that Belfort will pull out of the fight at the last second.

But, really, it's likely Belfort's dislike of the bigmouth from West Linn, Ore., began long before that set of comments.

When it was announced that it would be Belfort who would serve as the next contender for "Bones'" belt at UFC 152 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Sept. 22, 2012, it caught many off guard. "The Phenom" seemed to have come out of nowhere, if for no other reason, because he had been fighting at 185 pounds and hand't been linked to any 205-pound reports.

Some even felt (and still feel) that it wasn't the best match up that the UFC could have put together for its Light Heavyweight champion. Many in that same camp would have preferred to see Sonnen over Belfort, and in a big way.

As far as Belfort is concerned, he's right, they're wrong, and Chael Sonnen never deserved a title shot in the first place:

Belfort appeared recently on FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight," where he defended himself as being a worthy and exciting number contender for the belt, and he didn't earn the honor by calling people out on Twitter:

"We have the youngest fighter and one of the oldest guys and it is the old lion and the new lion. I have history in the UFC. Not like all the other clowns talking on twitter. You know which clown I'm talking about. I think he doesn't deserve a shot at all but I think the event should continue with another fighter. I don't know what happened, but I am thankful that the fight came to me. I am really thankful to Lorenzo and Dana for giving me the chance and to the fans."

Ultimately, Belfort isn't trying to sell the idea that he deserves the title shot, per se. He just believes he deserves it more than Sonnen, a fighter who he believes is evading his real weight class after taking a trouncing at the hands of Anderson Silva at UFC 148 in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 7, 2012.

It's an interesting theory, coming from a guy who is moving up a weight class to fight Jones, and whose last interaction with "The Spider" ended in a highlight reel kick in the face:

"It's not that I deserve it, but I have history in the UFC. I have been the champion of the light heavyweight division. It's not about Chael, it's just I think it is a better fight with me. I think John Jones vs. Belfort makes more sense. The way Chael got beat by Silva in the last fight, he doesn't deserve to go for a title fight. There were so many guys that were willing to fight Jon Jones that had good wins and good records in the UFC like Chris Weidman. Chael is trying to move up in weight and give up on his weight class, that's the way I see it. But guess what, I am really thankful Jones didn't accept that fight with Chael that week and that fight came to me and I really have to thank god. And the way I went about trying to get the fight was the professional way. I sent a text to Dana and Lorenzo offering myself to fight Jones. And then the fight came to me and I just have to thank God for the opportunity."

Regardless of whether or not Belfort deserves the title shot or if it should have gone to someone else, he's planning on taking advantage of the opportunity he's been blessed with.

He might not be favored by anyone, but UFC fights don't happen on paper or in the oddsmaker's books. They happen in the Octagon:

"The cool thing about the UFC is that it is exploding to other countries like Australia and Brazil. It is expanding, giving jobs and giving opportunities. We bring values, we motivate people how to live a life and what kind of habits you have to create. This is Disneyland bro. That is why I am so proud of myself to work with this kind of organization. I get to go to the park every day. The gym is my park. Don't let people create outcomes for you, you create outcomes. Guess what, the world is a mess, you need to start everything in you mind the way you treat your family, the way you live your life, everything. And this is a challenge. This is one more challenge in my life. I am having one opportunity that no one from my generation has and I am so happy. I am going to be so happy in that Octagon when that bell rings and I am going to fight like I have never fought before. So you guys don't miss Toronto on the 22nd. You are going to get to see the young lion against the new old lion."

For all of the up-to-date information on UFC 152: "Jones vs. Belfort," click here.

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