Tyson Nam wants 'handcuffs' off, says Bellator 'didn't care' about him until he knocked out their champion

Pictured: Tyson Nam. Photo via Twitter

Tyson Nam probably wasn't a name most of you had heard of up until two weeks ago.

The 16-fight veteran was unranked, not even close, when he stepped into the ring to face current Bellator bantamweight champion, Eduardo Dantas, at Shooto 22 in Brazil back on Aug., 25, 2012.

A few minutes into their fight, Nam went from relatively unknown to a 135-pound wrecking machine by knocking out Dantas in the very first round. It was probably one of Nam's best victories to date, considering he just stopped the champion of the promotion he was supposed to fight for prior.

However, after the victory, the trouble began.

Bellator now wanted a piece of Nam, or at least have the chance to match any offers by other promotions. As he told MMAmania's own Brian Hemminger, he did sign a contract with them, but after sitting on the sidelines due to scratched bouts, he was released:

"I was with them for like six months. We signed with them and they were always saying they'd get me a fight or an invite to the Bellator tournament which they canceled so it was in good faith that they had the best interest in me and were gonna get me some fights in the bantamweight tournament. I think it was in May or June, at the end of their season six bantamweight tournament, someone wasn't gonna make it because of a Visa mix-up so they called me up and said, 'Hey, do you want to fight in Canada in a week?' and I was like, 'Yeah, I'll do it. What do I need?' So I had to get X-Rays, cat scans, blood work and the whole nine yards, get my eyes checked. I had to pay everything out of pocket, 500-1000 dollars thinking they gave me the deadline in two days so if I get it done, they'll give me the fight, right? So I get it all done and the very next day they said, 'Sorry, but we're giving it back to the guy.' Wow. That was the first try. After that they said, 'Hey, you got all that done, but we're gonna guarantee you a spot in the season seven bantamweight tournament,' so I was like, 'Alright, a couple more months until that,' then they canceled the entire bantamweight tournament and from there, they said I was released from Bellator."

Now, Tyson says he just wants to fight (via MMA Fighting) and says Bellator didn't care about him until he knocked out their champion:

"On August 25th after I knocked out their champion. They didn't care about me August 24th, July 24th or June 24th. But [come] August 25th they were all over it. It's almost like, 'Hey, you guys have been sitting on me for four months. You guys promised me this, that didn't come through. Then you promised me that, that didn't come through and now we release you into wherever and I do something great -- just so happens it was their Bellator champion. Now let's bring this section 18 back up."

Nam says after his KO of Dantas, he's had offers from promotion, but Bellator still has the right to match. Nam isn't opposed to fighting under the Bellator umbrella, as long as they bring something to the table:

"I can say they are pretty big promotions, if not some of the most recognized promotions in the world. If they (Bellator) bring something to the table that's actually matching these other offers that I'm getting, sure, why not?"

In the end, all Tyson wants to do is be free to fight and have the chance to show the world his skills:

"Take these handcuffs off me."

Where Nam will fight next, remains to be seen.

One thing is certain; this former unknown prospect who is riding a four-fight win streak and is fresh off a knockout of Bellator's bantamweight champion, is all of a sudden one hot commodity.

How about it Maniacs, where do you think this 135-pound talent will end up? Would you like to see him inside the UFC's Octagon mixing it up with the best in the world? Or will Bellator snatch him up after realizing what they had all along?

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