Golovkin vs. Proksa results and LIVE fight coverage tonight (Sept. 1) on HBO boxing

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It's not UFC 151, but it's worth a look.

Tonight (Sat., Sept. 1, 2012) on HBO's "Boxing After Dark" series, 2004 Olympic silver medalist and WBA and IBO Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin (23-0, 20 KO) will face Poland's Grzegorz Proksa (28-1, 21 KO) in a clash of top-10 middleweights.

Elsewhere, junior middleweight titleholder Sergiy Dzinziruk (37-1, 23 KO) will return to the ring for the first time since being stopped by Sergio Martinez, taking on Puerto Rican prospect Jonathan Gonzalez (15-0, 13 KO).

MMAmania.com will have LIVE coverage of the double-header, starting with the HBO broadcast at 9:45 p.m. EST.

They aren't big names, but it's a pair of fun fights and, let's face it, it's better than nothing. Plus, it's a good appetizer for Chavez vs. Martinez in a couple weeks. Quick results and play-by-play after the jump.

Middleweight Championship: Gennady Golovkin (c) def. Grzegorz Proksa by TKO at 1:11 of Round Five

Junior Middleweight: Sergiy Dzinziruk and Jonathan Gonzalez fight to a draw (115-113, 111-117, 114-114)

160 lbs.: Gennady Golovkin vs. Grzegorz Proksa

Round one: This had better be awesome or I swear I'm going to cut someone.

Both guys very kinetic early on. Nice right from Gennady. Proksa lands his own left. Proksa has his hands very low, which may be a horrible idea. Good left hand lead from Proksa. Proksa stings him again with the left; Golovkin is a bit hesitant. Nice left hand from Golovkin hurts Proksa and the resultant flurry gets Proksa down to his butt; very nice. Gennady on the attack and he lands a left and right. We may have a great fight on our hands. 10-8 Golovkin.

Round two: Looked like a slip on the replay, but that left did catch Proksa good. Stiff jabs from Golovkin. Another counter left from Proksa. Nice lead right from Golovkin, whose jab is connecting. Nice left hook from Gennady leads into a nice flurry, but Proksa is okay. Another couple of solid left straights from Proksa; that's his best punch so far. Couple of short rights from Gennady connect right at the end. Close round; I'll give it to Golovkin, but Proksa is doing well with that left hand lead. 20-17 GGG.

Round three: Golovkin throwing bombs early and lands a couple. Sneaky left uppercut from Proksa at a weird angle. Flurry from Golovkin against the ropes is blocked. Fighters trade rear-hand leads. Proksa still has his hand too low and that stiff jab of Golovkin is getting through. Big left hook by Golovkin. Nice short right from Golovkin near the end; everything he throws seems to bother Proksa. 30-26 GGG.

Round four: Crazy left hand from Proksa flies high. Proksa swinging a bit harder in this round and lands a good left, but it doesn't phase Golovkin. Nice straight from Proksa as he gets himself off the ropes. Golovkin blasts Proksa with lefts to the body and sneaks an uppercut through. Proksa is hurt and gets legitimately knocked down shortly after. Proksa is up, but his legs aren't great. Proksa needs to get his damn hands up. HUGE left to the solar plexus nearly folds Proksa in half, but he somehow stays up and avoids the rest of the flurry. Big right hand from Golovkin; Proksa is firing back but he's getting smacked around the ring. Another big left hook to the body from Golovkin and he lands two more blows upstairs. Crazy durability from Proksa, but this can't last much longer. 40-34 Golovkin.

Round five: Proksa still using that let hand lead, but his hands are still low. Stiff jabs from Golovkin, who gets him against the ropes and lands some hard blows down- and upstairs. Good uppercut and chopping right land on Proksa, who wobbles and gets put down by a vicious series of punches. Proksa rises again and he seems okay, but the ref stops it. He was getting his ass handed to him; I got no problem with the stoppage.

Final Result: Golovkin def. Proksa by TKO


163 lbs.*: Sergiy Dzinziruk vs. Jonathan Gonzalez

Round one: They had a second weigh-in for Gonzalezthis morning, Rumble-Vitor style, to kind of salvage things after Gonzalez screwed up the first weigh-in.

Fun fact: his nickname means "butter." That explains things.

Anyway, here we go. Dzinziruk fighting southpaw. Both guys tentative early. Sergiy poking out the jab. Left to the body from Gonzalez. Good quick rights from Sergiy. Nice right upstairs from Gonzalez. Left from Sergiy, then one downstairs. Right to the gut from Gonzalez, then a couple more in the same place. Nice body blows at the end from Sergiy. Real uneventful round, but Sergiy seemed to have his jab working better. 10-9 Dzinziruk.

Round two: Right lead from Gonzales bounces off the guard. Nice left counter from Sergiy. Simultaneous jabs. Nice rights to the body by Jonathan. Solid right from Gonzalez and a couple other. Left from Sergiy gets answered by a hard flurry from Gonzalez. Not much happened outside of that flurry, but Gonzalez was in control. 19-19.

Round three: Sergiy again with a prodding jab. Nothing much behind it. Little left inside by Sergiy, who had Gonzalez in the corner before the latter just charged his way out. Nice left downstairs from Sergiy. Right to the body from Gonzalez, who gets swatted by a couple of punches from Dzinziruk. Right downstairs by Jonathan, who's truing to time a right uppercut as Sergiy comes in with no success. Gonzalez did nothing this round aside from one solid left at the end. 29-28 Sergiy.

Round four: I swear to God the music they just used between rounds was a loop of a small segment from the Metal Gear Solid theme. Anyway.

Clinch early, Gonzalez lands a couple inside. Right to the body from Gonzalez, who eats a nice uppercut from Dzinziruk. Hard right by Gonzalez connects. Another. Right downstairs from the Puerto Rican, jab to the breadbasket by Sergiy. Nice jab from Dzinziruk. I'm sorry for posting so little, but nothing is happening beside Sergiy occasionally flicking out a jab and Gonzalez countering. Jonathan landed the better punches, what few there were. 38-38.

Round five: Nice left to the body from Gonzalez. Sergiy still just poking out the jab, but lands a couple lefts inside. Body blow by Gonzalez; Sergiy is initiating clinches and trying to work from there with mixed success. More jabbing from Sergiy, but Gonzalez lands a couple right straights in response. Nice shots inside by Gonzalez. Again. Gonzalez seems to be having success inside just hooking around Sergiy's guard. Better round; Gonzalez lost the early part of the round, but he was starting to land at the end. 48-47 Gonzalez.

Round six: Body blow from Gonzalez, who's a bit more active now. Gonzalez walking him down but eating counters at roughly the same rate he's landing his own. Things calm down in a hurry. Exchanging in the clinch. Sneaky left from Dzinziruk as Gonzalez disengages. Hard shots by Gonzalez as he gets Sergiy in the corner, shrugging off a hard left counter. Nice straight through the guard by Sergiy. Hard uppercut and another by Gonzalez. Stiff jab by Dzinziruk. Gonzalez with his hands down, taunting. That round just established definitively that Sergiy can't hurt him. 58-56 for the Puerto Rican.

Round seven: Hard rights by Gonzalez, who seems to be just ignoring Sergiy's retaliatory blows. Good short hooks from Sergiy. Couple of short rights by Sergiy. Sergiy trying to get his jab going again; for some reason, Jonathan's output has dropped. Good left around Gonzalez's guard. More jabs. Good pair of straight rights from Gonzalez land. Both men exchange near the end with no clear victor. Dzinziruk controlled the round with his jab, methinks. 67-66 Gonzalez.

Round eight: Nice counter right from Sergiy as Gonzalez hops in. Nice right from Gonzalez. Another counter hook from Sergiy. Right uppercut to the gut by Gonzalez glances off. Slow one-two-three from Gonzalez lands. Right to the body. Good little flurry downstairs to end the round from the Puerto Rican. Dzinziruk did nothing that round outside the first thirty seconds. This fight stinks. Sorry. 77-75 Gonzalez.

Round nine: Short counter punches from Sergiy land. Hard right against the ropes from Gonzalez. Can somebody please just go balls-out. Sergiy circling and backpedaling and just poking out his jab over and over. Jabs and jabs. Nice left from Gonzalez at the ten-second mark and a left straight from Sergiy responds. Gonzalez threw his own jab once in a while, but bleh. 86-85 Gonzalez.

Round ten: Good left and right from Gonzalez, whose output is still nothing. Snapping jab catches Gonzalez. Good left hook by Gonzalez. Another. More slow jabs by Sergiy, who eats a right. Good right hook at the end of a three-punch combo from Sergiy. A couple of nice exchanges in the last minute, but another crap round. Gonzalez did a bit more. 96-94.

Round eleven: Stiff jab by Gonzalez, left straight from Dzinziruk. Good right from Gonzalez. Nice lefts and a jab from Sergiy. There's just nothing happening. Maybe a two-punch combo from out of range once in a while. I don't even know, man. 105-104 Gonzalez.

Round twelve: One-two lands from Gonzalez. Straight from Gonzalez. Hard combo from Gonzalez. There's no urgency or passion or anything else from the fighters. Gonzalez lands a couple to the body, then Sergiy finally puts together a combination. Gonzalez throwing hooks in the clinch, just not landing many. Good body and head hooks from Gonzalez. Both men land a good shot with their lead hand. With five seconds left they finally have a proper exchange. Crap fight. 115-113 Gonzalez.

Final Result: 117-111 Gonzalez, 115-113 Dzinziruk, 114-114.


*Note: Gonzalez came in a full nine pounds over the junior middleweight limit. Yeah.

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