Cyborg vs. Rousey (Straight Facts)

It's amazing just how far Cris Cyborg's career has fallen into the proverbial crapper.

Poor Cris Cyborg has reduced herself to lusting after Ronda's fame in the MMA world by doing things like attending Ronda's weigh-ins. ...and WHY? Because the media DOESN'T CARE about poor Cris Cyborg anymore unless she's in the presence of the new Queen of WMMA.

In other words, without Ronda Rousey poor Cris Cyborg is no longer relevant. LOL.

How sad. How pathetic. I almost feel sorry for Cris.

Cris needs Ronda more than Ronda needs Cris.

The media will not be kind to Cyborg even after her suspension is over since everybody knows that she's a cheater who likely took far more steroids than just Winstrol (to presume otherwise is to bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich). LOL.

Winstrol remains in the human body far longer than other (more powerful) steroids do, so if a person is stacking Winstrol along with other steroids they have a far greater chance of getting popped for Winstrol (than getting popped for the other steroids too). Once caught for steroids there's no longer a presumption of innocence.

Not only that, but contrary to the idiots who keep saying that Winstrol is just a diuretic (LOL) in reality it's a full fledged steroid which promotes muscle mass while allowing a person to cut weight at the same time.

Besides, if she only needed a "diuretic" (LOL) and didn't need to cheat by taking a real steroid then why didn't she just visit her local drug store and legally buy a diuretic? LOL.

Why go through all the trouble of illegally buying Winstrol on the Black Market if what you really wanted was just a simple diuretic?

Duh! The Cyborg fans are pretty much the dumbest people on the planet.

I personally think Rousey would rip off Cyborg's arm at 135 and 145 pounds. Her grappling and athleticism is too good for Cyborg to prevent the Judo trip and top control. Cyborg can't knock her out before they clinch and that's why Cyborg loses this fight.

Heck, it took Cyborg forever to TKO Jan Finney after hitting her about a thousand times. She couldn't even KO a human punching bag like Jan Finney who offered almost no defense.

It also took Cyborg 3 rounds just to TKO a tiny fighter named Hitomi Akano (a natural 125 pounder) after hitting her many times, LOL.

It also took Cyborg quite a while just to TKO Marloes Coenen after hitting her MANY TIMES for 3 full rounds, yet Coenen wasn't even close to actually being KO'd. LOL.

Cyborg ain't got one punch knockout power, she's just a slightly more powerful version of Sarah Kaufman.

Although Cyborg would tag Rousey a few times before they clinch, she CANNOT knock her out with one punch which means she CANNOT prevent a clinch. Rousey clinches at the Olympic level with far better athleticism than Cyborg's ever seen, which means once they're clinching Cyborg's going down.

You don't think so? You think Cyborg's "balance" is world class?

Well, Cyborg's balance is so great that she was even mounted by Gina Carano. More than once. LOL.

I'm sorry my friends but Cyborg would go down easily from the clinch, it wouldn't even be close. LOL. To think otherwise is to be delusional. Judo is all about using your opponents strength and weight against them which means the harder Cyborg charges towards Rousey the easier it'll be to trip or throw her.

Forget about Cyborg's ADCC accomplishments since Coenen did equally well at ADCC yet she was still mounted by mid level grapplers like Liz Carmouche and submitted by medicore fighters like Miesha Tate, who aren't even close to being on Rousey's level.

That should tell you just how useless ADCC accomplishments are at predicting MMA takedowns and submissions. LOL.

If Rousey fights Cyborg at 145 she wins it 8 times out of 10.

If Rousey fights Cyborg at 135 she wins it 10 times out of 10.

Cyborg's weight at 145 doesn't make it harder for Rousey to take her down, however, it does give her a punching power advantage which she otherwise wouldn't have at 135. Anybody who believes that Cyborg generates her power from technique alone (not from her size) is delusional since her technique is wild.

Why give Cyborg a weight advantage after she's already been caught cheating at 145?

This is why Rousey will force Cyborg to fight her at 135, and she's right.


Is Ronda a natural 145 pound fighter like her haters say?

For those idiots who keep saying that Ronda began her MMA career at 145 therefore that's her "NATURAL" weight... I'll just ask you to view photos of Ronda at 145 pounds and again at 135 pounds and ask yourself which weight she looks more fit at? Duh!

Ronda was FAT AS A COW at 145 so only an idiot would say that's her natural fighting weight for MMA. Anybody who argues that Ronda looks more fit at 145 than 135 should consult an eye doctor (since glasses may be in order).

Just because she won a Bronze medal in Judo at 154 pounds doesn't mean that's her natural MMA weight since the sport of Judo is not the same as the sport of MMA. In Judo being a bit fatter is not the same 'disadvantage' as it is in MMA or wrestling since fighters don't wear Judogis in wrestling or MMA. Without Judogis the sport of Judo becomes more like wrestling (and no-gi BJJ) where being fatter becomes more of a disadvantage than it is in traditional Judo.

The bottom line is that Ronda is fat above 135 and she's most agile without a Judogi at 135. That's her natural MMA weight and that's why Cyborg is SCARED SHITLESS to fight Ronda at 135. Cris is shitting bricks since at 135 she'd be humiliated quicker than Sarah Kaufman was.

Let's address the issue of whether Cris Cyborg can make 135.

The TRUTH is that Cyborg cannot make 135 with her current body mass since she's probably walking around at over 175 pounds (when not cutting weight) and that's too heavy to make 135. Cyborg is far too big to simply dehydrate herself to 135 pounds at her current body weight.

However, nobody's asking her to do that. LOL.

What we're asking her to do is to STOP WALKING AROUND at 165-175 lb. between fights. She can do this by RUNNING, GETTING OFF STEROIDS and GETTING ONTO THE DOLCE DIET to slowly and permanently lose 10 lbs. of muscle mass from her normal "walking around weight".

What we're asking her to do is to PERMANETLY lose 10 lbs. of muscle mass BEFORE she even begins training camp.

She's a FEMALE HULK (before training camp begins) which means she could easily lose 10 lbs. of muscle without jeopardizing her health if she did it smartly, since there are plenty of athletic women in sports who don't walk around at 175 lbs. at her height. LOL.

Just look at the YouTube video of Cyborg's fight against Erica Paes (which she lost) and you'll see that she was much lighter back then and her health was fine, even though she was just as tall.

At 135 pounds she'd be closer to Rousey's size on fight night and neither fighter would have a size advantage anymore. This means the winner of the fight would have to depend on their fighting SKILLS rather than having an unfair size advantage, which apparently SCARES THE SHIT out of Cris Cyborg and her fans.

Rousey's holding all the cards so this fight will happen at 135 and Rousey wins by Armbar. Cyborg will be fucken humiliated. :-)

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