Last Call To All Maniacs......only 2 days left to join Season 8 of the Mania Money Pool

It's not too late folks, there's still time to enter the next season (Season 8) of the Mania Money Pool. This season will include 10 events, and the entry fee is an absolute bargain at $20.

If you've been in the pool in the past, there's no reason not to continue (this means you Sarah). If you're a lurker that's been thinking about it, quit being a pussy and get in this thing, I promise you'll enjoy the events a lot more once you're in the pool. If you say you're too busy to join, I'm calling bullshit.....whether you spend 2 hours or 2 minutes preparing for an event, your odds are just as good as anyone else's. If you're a little short on time for a particular event, you can even copy your picks from the resident experts like Unambig, Slumberg, Nostranumbnuts and The Pride, who are kind enough to post their picks before every event.

You have until the start of the 2nd event (UFC 151 on September 1st) to get your money sent in to the commissioner, which is more than enough time. Here's a very simple list of steps to join:

The Mania Money Pool in 4-easy steps:

  1. You create an account at (you choose a username)
  2. You email Jay at on how to best send your entry fee ($20). P*yPa* is not allowed!
  3. Once you're good to go, Jay will invite you to Mania1 camp and you're in.
  4. Start making your picks. (correct winner: 5 points, correct round: 2 points: correct method: 2 points: all correct: 11points)

You have plenty of time to get your money in, BUT A LIMITED TIME TO SIGN UP, BECAUSE THE FIRST EVENT IS THIS SATURDAY (8/11).

If you're on this site, you are welcome to join.......especially if you suck. Regardless of where you finish in the pool, any of the current moneypoolers can verify that participation will improve your Mania experience, so quit dicking around and SIGN UP!!

***Season 8 Bonus......I looked at the roster and NNR is in!!

***Dec3ptikon, don't tell me you forgot about our wager?? You're running out of time bro, get signed up!!!

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