UFC Lightweights - Who Should Fight Who?

This Saturday Bendo vs Edgar is going down and I don't know about you but I don't think there will be a 3rd fight.

So with all of the talented fighters in the LW division who should fight who?

I would like to see

Diaz vs The Winner of Bendo/Edgar Reason: He destroyed Gomi,He cruised through the Cowboy fight and then he dominated Miller and almost took his tounge off,who else has dominated top guys like that no one. I know everyone wants to see the Diaz/Pettis fight but I think Pettis is hurt so a fight with him would be far off and i think he is busy hoping for a rematch with Bendo.

Pettis vs The Winner of Cowboy/Guillard Reason: Pettis doesn't deserve a title shot yet but a win over either Cowboy and Guillard could get him one. Plus all the shit Cowboy is talking about him how could he not step up and take this fight.

Maynard vs The Loser of Bendo/Edgar Reason: Gray is still number 2 or 3 in the world and is coming off a win against Guida and seems to be up for another number 1 contender fight so a fight with The Loser of Bendo/Edgar makes sense.

Miller vs Guida Reason: It makes sense,could be exciting probably won't be but I think it will happen.

Lauzon vs The Loser of Cowboy/Guillard Reason: Lauzon is coming off an impressive win and is one of the most exciting fighters at 55 so him vs either guy is sure to be fireworks.

Varner vs Barboza Reason: Its a good rematch but i don't think it will happen normally rematches come after a couple of fights. So.. other options

Barboza vs Stout Reason: Neither guy has boring fights although Stout kinda rested on fisher a little in his last fight but still he usually delivers. Stand up war!

Varner vs Gomi Reason: I think it would be a fun.

What are some of the fights you want to see?

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